The mind has the power to percieve different realities. I am able to do this because I am not just a human.

'Who the f*ck would design something that looks like that!' Others in the room asked 'What?', and I replied with 'A spaceship that looks like Mick Jagger'

I jumped to the logical conclusion that at some point far into the future, a person had attempted time travel and accidentally destroyed the timeline, meaning that many years from now all of humanity will be sucked into a rift in the fabric of space-time. My friend and his friends were now benevolent time travelers who had plucked me from the masses because they liked my sense of humor

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I’m gonna be the first person to die from cannabis overdose so just witness me

images I take on it actually look different and I can see the electromagnetic spectrum

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[after 4 paragraphs] Hang on there is actually a trip report in here.

I was desperate for anything to drink. Hughie handed me what I think was the bottom of a soap dispenser he wasn't using filled with tap water which I eagerly accepted

Ok so all the shite I see about this drug, I don’t get it. Hands down best drug I ever had the pleasure of taking.

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I’m drunk and stoned, eating potato salad and staring out the window at the city skyline.

the lack of privacy and slightly occult atmosphere were quickly becoming overbearing

the world is confusing the look at, it makes me feel weird

After obtaining the circular green pills of death, I continued on to ingest the pills

approximately 8 mg of 2C-I, a substance unexplored but much researched, fell into my mouth, seemingly materializing right from the pages of the Shulgins' book

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Rolling ur own weed, and never rolling ur own weed. The two genders.

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someone just walked into the office smelling like weed. they're my best friend now

literally falling over because my visual input felt like it was inconsistent with where my legs should be

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