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I heard Raspberry Pi OS uses LXDE and I thought it was awesome, but no one told me Raspberry Pi OS uses Mutter. If you add a Workspaces Pager to LXPanel then it crashes the desktop because virtual workspaces don't work the same in Mutter as they do in the WMs LXDE was made for. Kind of a bad user experience lol. But the icons are pretty nice

90% my experience with "Save this webpage" is hitting ctrl+s out of instinct while typing something, then closing the dialog that appears because I'm in a web browser and it's not the type of saving I meant to do

Boosted because they just uploaded the video to YouTube where Linus says this.

I feel like the "Save this webpage" function of web browsers isn't very useful to 90% of websites anymore so maybe it should be... relabelled or something 🤔 "Save as HTML"? ... Doesn't help much. Idk

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Apparently Linus Sebastian thinks hitting ctrl+S on a GitHub page should download the content inside the page instead of the HTML. I'm bewildered tbh. I can see the logic but... It's not shocking that it doesn't work that way? What

My single-user Mastodon instance should have a dislike button only on my posts, for myself to click

I made a Pinterest account the other day so I could save inspiration screenshots easily... So far I've done a lot of building actually. I'm learning how to make roofs! ...a little bit anyway. Roofs are tough

I've almost completed chapter 2 of Bug Fables. This game is extremely similar to Paper Mario TTYD and quite fun if you miss the old Mario RPGs.

12 more days until update ⌛I'm excited for new caves under my old chunks!

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@levels_check when you're trying to find a vegetarian meal in a rural area

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"demoscene" is a great word because whenever someone asks you why you're doing/learning some technical thing you can say "demoscene" and they'll leave you alone

MangoHud works easily using 32-bit Debian 11. Running it with MANGOHUD_CONFIG=fps_limit=30,no_display

Now my only issues are 1) the mouse position is offset inside the VM (seems like it would be tricky to fix but the mouse is optional anyway), and 2) my USB-connected gamepad is not passed through to the VM (should be easy to fix, right?)

Apparently these apps called "MangoHud" and "Strangle" are supposed to be able to limit FPS, but I can't get either to work. Strangle wants some older version of a 32bit library so I'm gonna try it in a virtual machine

Well, it worked until level 4 where I had to mash buttons to skip a cutscene in which Spider-Man dies... then at the end of level 10 I found out the level-ending cutscene also has a glitch in which Spider-Man dies. Saw in YouTube comments that this problems occurs because the framerate isn't locked, which makes logical sense? So I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to fix somehow. My Spidey adventure might be over at level 10

Spent a bit of time trying to get the PS1 version of Spiderman the 2001 video game by Neversoft to run in PCSX2. I guess it's a hard game to emulate for some reason. However, it turns out you can run the Windows version in Wine and it works easily 😃

Trying to look up a postcard designer app I had on CD-ROM in the 90s. Google search is like:
"postcard designer windows 95" does that mean you want to buy postcards?
"windows 95 postcard designer" does that mean you want to install Windows 11?
"card designer CD-ROM 1995" do you want to buy blank CDs?

Remember when Google actually used the keywords you submitted instead of guessing what ads to show based on a single word? 🤦‍♀️

The app I remember was by SoftKey. I found it in an image search

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In the spirit of open government, France dumps 9,067 repos online to show off its FOSS credentials

Firefox reader mode estimates it would take almost 2 hours to read all 1100 excerpts from erowid.txt :blobcatcoffee: :winrar: I made this file so I could Ctrl+F to confirm that I'm not posting a duplicate

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