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I thought because I made a for D&D, I should make a as well 😛 It's a Kobold Defying Evil named Konqi who is a healer Cleric spreading the message that kobolds can be Good:

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Computer boards exist in a matriarchy:

Some character sheets I've made as options for my first 5e games... I'm a newb so there are probably mistakes. I would appreciate any feedback 🙂

- Gnome Fighter Gnorma Catapult:
- Alternate Gnorma as a homebrew Gunslinger who invents the first firearms:
- Dual-wielding thief (Rogue) Flinta Barkley:
- Zina the Human Bard:

Both my have had to learn a few things: no jumping in the blue bin, no scratching couches, no walking on the kitchen counter... and no attacking the TV because they treat the Sims cursor like a laser pointer 😅😂 So cute

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very bad weather - 

A cursed Bag of Holding is a Bag of Rats: 🤩 I love it. Sadly I'm not doing encumbrance yet but I have to keep this mind for a more complex adventure :lawl:


The icon on my phone rebranded to swap blue for purple. So now Firefox is orange and purple... they must have realized that was onto something! Best colours ever :p

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Most Roller Coaster Tycoon scenarios are ridiculously easy if you download an amazing coaster design off the web and spam it in your park. I just got 2000 guests in an in-game year by placing 15 $2k Giga Coasters and running every ad 🎢

I've made a pull request

This was a minimum-effort edit although it required touching a ton of files because each window has hard-coded widget placements. Worth it for my future convenience :P

Telegram installed as a became unresponsive so I had to kill it, and it left a lock on flatpak or something which caused my whole system to pretty much break. Plasma Shell eats CPU and memory when flatpak applications fail to launch apparently. Fixed by chowning some /var/lib/flatpak directories but it was painful to debug because of the unexpected slowdown 😣

Door-to-door scam artists are now impersonating Nest instead of utility companies. Next time I'm gonna track down their vehicle and tell the licence plate number to the police. I don't know if that will work but I don't know what else I could do to stop them...

compiling because I wanted to move the close button to the left corner of the window... I figured out how to do it now :)

*holds breath while trying to use KDE Discover to update my system because I want to give it a fair shot now-and-then but I've had some bad experiences in the past* 

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cyclists should be allowed to shoot cars with a gun when they aggressively pass with less than a foot of room, that way when some dickhead in a Benz decides he needs to get to his foot spa appointment 0.5 seconds faster two lives will be put in danger instead of one

herbal fruit tea 🍋 

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