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I'm using the new normal Ubuntu desktop and I mostly like it! Glad it still has those few sound effects I liked and a similar theme. (Except I hate those Gnome programs with controls hidden in the titlebar, like the one I used to take this screenshot, but oh well)

The “Add Hidden Network” screen on Xbox One inexplicably has no password field so I have to un-hide my network then re-hide it after connecting -_-

Why are hidden networks so badly supported everywhere?

Theory: I'll use Google Assistant to control my TV
Reality: I'll use Google Assistant to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius so I finally know what Americans are talking about when they mention temperature

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Might fuck around and ""go out to lunch"" so I can take a nap in a timmies or something

Years after getting my gf's iPhone 6, and totally used to pressing home to unlock, but I still find it harder to do than slide-to-unlock ever was. All because of that pointless fingerprint fad 🙄

In iOS 11+ the Auto-Brightness toggle has been moved to the Accessibility section of settings. So many of my favourite minor bits of customization are in that section now...

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🐸 Feels bad man 🐸
💋 Feels better woman💋

I visit Canadian Tire more and more every year. Adulthood 😭

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capitalism is super efficient because it means we hire 300 bullshit contractors to write the same critical infrastructure 6000 different ways in fucking garbage ass php or whatever instead of establishing an agency to write open source programs that local governments can share

Black Mirror Bandersnatch doesn't support Chromecast so I have my laptop plugged into the TV like they did in ancient times 😭

I just saved this dragon and his response made it worthwhile haha

Trying to get that last dragon in Tree Tops on Spyro 1 and it is about as fun as you've heard...

Actually I do think it's fun but it's way too hard for a kids' game. It's extremely challenging to figure out what to do and then actually doing it is even harder. I've wasted 15 lives trying to do this jump.

Lmao I considered using Chrome on my iPhone just so all these Google apps would stop opening Safari, but it turns out Assistant only supports Safari so there's no point. How ironic

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A while back I built a site that converts RSS feeds to ActivityPub actors that you can subscribe to from Mastodon and other ActivityPub-compliant social networks:

I've now also published the source code:

I got married to Google but I'm still using Firefox because those Mozilla ads make me jump with fangirl joy :kirby_happy: (....obviously I use Chrome as my secondary browser and to control my tv sometimes)

I installed so many Google apps on my iPhone that Google sent me an email saying "Finish setting up your new iPhone with these Google apps" then showing a table with the few g apps I didn't install 😂

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Rosie the cat is lying at my girlfriend's feet while she sleeps. Rosie turns her head to look at me as I enter, half-opens her eyes and grunts at me. Cute overload 😭 :blue_cute_face: :kirby_happy:

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