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Just discovered that Windows can detect if an exe depends on DLLs in the same folder and will prompt you to extract the folder if it's compressed. This is a pretty cool feature!

The religion of Apatheism (the most devout believers don't care enough to believe anything)

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(barbarian voice) I would like to rage please, thank you

Looks dark, but the crust on my bread is always softer than it looks 🌞

Vague is a weird word, and weird is a vague word 🤔

I've been making a loaf of bread every few days this month ☺️ I like to pre-slice the whole loaf and freeze it for optimal freshness and convenience

This week = the previous 5 days. It's July™️

I've made two whole wheat loaves of bread this week :) I love baking bread 🍞

I slept maybe 5 hours. I had an overly strong coffee around 18:30 yesterday so it's not surprising :P Anyway, good morning!! 🌞

I've had this mechanical kitchen timer for many years and left it on a shelf as decoration. Never knew how to actually use it, but I decided to start using it as a tea-brewing timer.

To use the timer, you must wind it from 0 to 60, then wind backward to the time you want :) Then tolerate the persistent ticking noise! (I would not use this timer for anything over 5 minutes due to that noise)

A letdown so bad it seems they might be trolling: that's a letclown

Pick it up good now
Smash it to the ground

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It's the 27th day of the 1st June of 2022

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almost as if you should just let plants grow where they are and not mess with them, especially if the area isn't used for anything

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This time there were clouds in the sky, and it was pretty nice. Clouds are something I take for granted. They're so majestic if you stop to look

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I really gotta watch that Bob's Burgers movie ...

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