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the most surprising disliker of my new comedy character 'my stinky and mean uncle steve' has been my fresh smelling and lovely uncle steve

I wanted to bike this morning but it was raining, then it stopped raining so I decided to go biking but procrastinated for a few hours. It coincidentally started raining again right as I left the house to bike, but it wasn't a heavy rain so I went anyway. But only for about 15 minutes. Now the sun is coming out from behind the clouds, so I'll go do more biking ⛅

having a "prop master" like for filmmaking, but for programming 💡

Comments on this StackExchange thread from elitist weirdos trying to twist the question to make the poster feel bad (screenshot is not the only example)

Good morning! It's coffee and breakfast time, then I gotta do stuff. It's raining so I'm opening the windows again

2015: I miss the global menu bar
2022: I miss menu bars in general
2029: I miss having buttons

Notice how there are 50 products named Unity and none named Division 🤔

Rode my bike around this morning and someone's little dog chased me down the street for quite a while. Thankfully it didn't have long legs or probably would have caught me. And that's why I often give strangers' dogs a wide berth even though I like dogs :/

variables named j and k are my mortal enemy (i.e. I rename them)

Daniel Radcliffe is playing Weird Al in a biopic, which is fun. Seems like an apt choice of casting!

Biopics are kind of a weird idea (dramatizing someone's life?) but in practice I think they're sometimes done well and quite interesting... but historically I've always been against the idea of doing a biopic of someone who is still alive. So I'll be judging it from that perspective and might conclude it's bad even if it's a good movie ;P

TechReborn updated to 1.19 before me on the first day of release, so I'm glad I picked that one to watch. I still haven't really used the mod at all 😂 It seems like a semi-clone of IndustrialCraft (maybe full clone?). I'll try it in the next modded world I make.

ok I posted the new Copper Lamp jar on curseforge

Although I like seeing concept art and early ideas, I think Mojang should start under-promising and over-delivering. And if you told me I'd say that back when 1.17 was announced, I would not be remotely surprised :p No one should've okayed that announcement in the first place!

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There's a Minecraft YouTuber who I like but his target audience clearly includes children and I feel like a portion of the childish criticism of the new update comes from YouTubers like him doing "jokes" about how fireflies were promised etc. It sucks but if your content is for kids or all-ages then unfortunately you have to think about how kids often interpret jokes literally and miss the point :/

🎮I thought of a way to combine some story ideas I've had with a gameplay idea I've had for a long while, so I think I know what my next game will be! But it's fairly ambitious (i.e. not a basic one-screen arcade game) so it's really a long term project. I imagine it like a turn-based Pikmin crossed with Pit People, but having characters with more of a story/cutscenes/dialogue. Who knows if I'll ever complete that but at least I have a semi-solid outline now that I can work towards

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started raining hard as soon as I typed this....

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