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Minecraft 1.18: The Caves, Cliffs, Rivers & Fjords update

now they gotta do swamps next >.>

climate change 

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She turned the page, and suddenly felt a cold dread touch her spine. She quickly turned the page back and waited for the feeling to dissipate. It didn't take long.
"Sorry," she muttered.
The ghost that haunted her house didn't always read as fast as she did.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I've referred to cool stuff as "the bomb dot com" for too long to remember, and I don't plan to stop because IMO that expression is timeless dot net

I've been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation lately ... the endings always feel rushed given how 'big' the ideas are. Could've really done with flat 1-hour episodes like you'd get on a streaming service nowadays, rather than 43-minute episodes. Except episode 3 which should've been 0 minutes 😐 I'm still on the first season and hoping it gets better like I've heard it does. It's one of those shows I grew up watching on TV so the nostalgia factor keeps me watching more than anything else tbh

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Apple Patents Complicating W3C's Open Screen Protocol - Phoronix

"The #W3C has been working on the "Open Screen Protocol" as part of their Second Screen Working Group. This effort has been about having a web #standard so #web pages can drive secondary screens to display web content. Unfortunately, the plans are currently being complicated by a number of #software #patents issued to #Apple"


"This APT has Super Cow Powers" wait what ... what does this mean

KDE Plasma 5.22 added "Keyboard Brightness" to my battery menu. Doesn't have any deeper options anywhere, but it's a start 👍

(Until now I've relied on a systemd unit to set it to 0 on startup by echoing 0 to the device file)

(but ending every sentence with "to me" does appeal to me)

Gravity (2013) mini-review 

Ru Paul S13 finale spoilers 

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On a tangent, let me tell you why I have yet to use any of the digital voice modes on VHF+ like DMR, C4FM/WIRES-X, and D-STAR:

1) They're all proprietary
2) No one's agreed on a standard, so if I pick one and it ends up being a loser I'm left with radios that have extra features I paid for but which I can't use.

The 2nd reason reminds me of the AM stereo wars that AM broadcasters were in during the 1980s since the FCC chose to "let the marketplace decide" until 1993. By then it was irrelevant.

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YouTube suggestion list has a category called "Blenders"... with videos about 3D modeling 😅

Just heard that Microsoft is changing the default font in their word processor. I liked Calibri and don't really think it needs changing, but it has been 14ish years. Since I don't use their program, I looked up this video to get a taste of the fonts: My favourite (as a default font choice) is Skeena

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some people call it "amazon fire stick" but i usually call them 'trees' and i have concerns about your grammar and also the rainforest

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“millennial” means you have made a flash animation. if you haven’t made a flash animation, you aren’t a millennial

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