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Eventually I'm gonna actually use the microSD card I bought for this Pinephone but currently I'm seeing how far as I can make it last with the preloaded OS :P It's been improving since I got it!

Tried to install something from the "community" repo and it wanted me to uninstall python-dbus, so I noped out and switched Discover's default repo to Flathub :blink:

Minecraft: right click
Modded Minecraft: shift right click with an empty hand on a Tuesday unless it's raining

The Pinephone runs a lot smoother with a Bluetooth mouse. Must be using all its might to process taps :P Actually, with a keyboard and mouse connected it's almost as good as a small laptop. Almost

I made homemade pierogies for supper. First time ever and they turned out amazing ☺️ The dough is just water, flour, salt, and oil. Roll it out and cut shapes to place mashed potato, then fold the dough and fry it up. Now that I know how easy it is, I will make a double batch next time and freeze them! ❄️

System76 keyboard is finally open for preorders and looks just as cool as the hype! Costs >$300CAD so you definitely have to be a professional typist to justify that, but still cool

Nitrux (the Linux distro) has the newest KDE Plasma and some interesting differences from Neon. Could be worth a try?

I use Firefox Nightly on Android because it's the only one in Google Play with about:config enabled, which allows me to block image loading and save mobile data... I wish there were a proper toggle for this in the UI

I like playing around with the but I'm still too cheap to buy an extra SIM for it ... Can I use KDE Connect to route texts from one phone to another phone through my laptop? 😛

I see a new library but it supports 2.6 so ... being available for such an old version in 2021 implies that it was made for special circumstances and shouldn't be used outside of those, even if it does support the newest versions

Blazes in Minecraft are too frickin scary for me 🤐 Since they made it so blaze powder is needed to brew potions, I've been rationing all the potions I brewed in earlier versions.

I made a custom modpack for Minecraft Java Edition with 56 mods in it. The early game has a ton of gardening and exploration (Roguelike Dungeons, Harvestcraft), lategame there is Immersive Engineering and Twilight Forest. Plus there are abandoned cities to make a base from. I'm really enjoying it. Making your own modpack is super easy and you get a custom tailored experience for your playstyle :D

Tried modded Java Minecraft for the first time in years last night... Took me a while because I had to install Java 8 (Ubuntu comes with 11 now) and symlink .minecraft to the Minecraft flatpak's directory in .var

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Next to my flowerbed is some dandelions and ground ivy which are flowering right now, and the nice combination of purple and yellow reminds me of all the wildflowers in Pokémon games. I used to think those were exaggerated but since last year I gained a new appreciation of "weeds" and I notice all the time now 😊 There are beautiful flowers all over the place 🌞🌼

I want to import my 200ish YouTube subscriptions into NewPipe, but Google Takeout only works on Google accounts. I don't think there's any way to export my data from a traditional YouTube account. Google reeeally screwed up YouTube when they changed the accounts system 10 times :blobsadleft:

GPUs were invented so we could have wobbly windows (this two year old video I posted is still relevant

Some social media services have obscure touch gestures, unlabelled icons, and other forms of bad UI that scare away people who won't put in the effort to "fit in". Originally this probably wasn't on purpose, but I think over time it's becoming a deliberate strategy

Flask now has a decorator for POST-only routes. Everyone borrowed the Flask API so now they're borrowing something back 😛

I've seen the #:~: in URLs lately! It exists!!

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