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Funny how scammers think a caller ID like "ONT GOVT" is believable, as if the government has ever clearly labelled something. Contact me with a name like "QUE PILON" and I'll have to think about it

Updated my Minecraft backup script to work similarly to the Stardew one, so it avoids name conflicts and makes the directory for me

I started playing Stardew Valley on Linux so updated my backup script accordingly. But you can still make it copy the Windows files if you set PLATFORM to wsl

Actually I think I found that with DuckDuckGo but who's keeping tally? 🦆

I want something for Bash that's exactly like Python argparse, and a nice bonus feature would be having the option to save my config on first run and delete it later with --reset similar to how my rlyedit script currently works

Working on another shell script where it would be nice to have a proper argument parser similar to Python's argparse built-in module. First result in Google looks promising:

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> Software architecture probably matters more than anything else. A shitty implementation of a good abstraction causes no net harm to the code base. A bad abstraction or missing layer causes everything to rot.

This feels very true.

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Heads up: If you run your Mastodon server from what was previously known as the "master" branch you'll need to switch to the "main" branch

Found a working unofficial launcher for Minecraft Bedrock which runs the Android version on my Linux desktop 😃

Since Canonical discontinued Unity, they stopped carrying the patch for Firefox that made it export its menu bar contents for use in the global menu bar. Which means Firefox doesn't have a menu bar in Plasma either now. Super lame. Gotta enjoy stuff like that while it lasts.

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I made an image for someone using the GNU Image Manipulation Program and now I have to tell them the name of the program I used, and I seriously don't want to. Even if the creators of this program want to be stubborn about their awful name because they insist on being "politically incorrect" or some shit, doesn't the fact that people are ashamed to recommend the program matter to them? (I know about Glimpse but I haven't tested it on Windows so I can't really recommend it either)

nouveau doesn't work with my laptop's HDMI... nvidia-460 seems to work perfectly though

Konsole is the only terminal app I've used that isn't affected by "byobu-enable" (the profile has to be manually configured), yet it's also the only terminal app I've used which has nice clean scrollback while using Byobu. On every other terminal I'm forced to use tmux's scrolling or else see copies of Byobu's statusbar will be littered through my scrollback. Weird

apparently Linux 5.4 added support for my laptop's battery and that's the kernel used by Ubuntu 20.04 so I chose the perfect time to return to Linux on this laptop

I knew splitting up game and UI in this nonsensical disorganized way would be an issue. Never again 😂

Circular dependencies are legal in ES6 modules, but I wish they weren't. I'm starting to love some things about Javascript, but gosh I hate how it allows me to shoot myself in the foot 😅

Hmm. So my Jezzball webgame doesn't work in Safari, and I don't own a Mac so I had to buy some iPhone app for $10 in order to get a Javascript console. But it gave me no errors to work from. I tried some other non-Safari-compatible webgames that use ES6 modules and had a similar lack of errors. Sooo I'm trying to bundle my game into one file and see if that works, but I refactored it into modules sloppily in the first place so it's full of circular dependencies... really fun. Thanks Safari 😣

Windows Explorer has more control panel features baked into the ribbon than it has file management capabilities... lol. Also who decided to put the New Folder button inside the titlebar. I swear they did that as a joke and forgot to remove it after April 1st

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