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Huh, I didn't know JavaScript had anonymous classes

For this project I'm combining this API for the D&D rules, my webapp template, and I found an unfinished library for storing character sheets which I've forked and am finishing to my liking. In theory it shouldn't be too long of a project because the major puzzle pieces are almost ready 😅 I just want something to help us keep track of the campaign a little bit

working on a D&D webapp for my friends now. Found this cool API: And I wrote a wrapper that caches the JSON from this API so you can just use it like SRD("/api/classes/bard") and you'll hit the server once then never again unless you delete the JSON cache 👍

I've been working on creating an online store this month and I'm happy with the progress I've made so far on the login system and foundation. Thus I've forked it into a separate repo to use as a template for future webapps

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Ultimately, mainframes and thin clients are going to win. And it will be tremendously bad for your freedom.

I mainly use Python lambdas as wrappers to discard arguments I won't use. Which means most them use *_ and **__ as arguments... Not really what lambdas were designed for but it works and is readable :mario:

At work, the alt and tab keys are the cleanest on the keyboard. I use them constantly to switch between Chrome and the POS system. Not sure how everyone else switches apps... 😛

5G cellular data is an infant technology that sucks and we should not be adopting it so early

My library now has a REPL (commandline) if you run it as `python -m batchfile` (after pip-installing it). I also moved the "replaying inputs" example into the main package as a Replay class

Gotta find motivation to do a big whole-house clean before it snows 🌨️ :win3_setup: ... I recently started using a vaccuum which has made it easier 😛

YAML is impossible to write without syntax highlighting and very easy to screw up. I don't understand why it's so popular. I prefer every other format that I can think of

Finally got these 11 login-system tests to function in my new Flask app. Lots of weird gotchas but it was kind of fun actually!

Well.. because of my lazy code it's limited to a single worker process and there's no way to quit back to the title screen... but it works! You can play this batch file I wrote when I was 16 in a web browser:

I put my tests in pytest format but the test only runs on Windows (due to comparing output against CMD.exe) and apparently I screwed up when installing pytest because the Windows version tries to use the Linux filepaths when importing stdlib ... oop

I really don't want to work more with Python threading than I have to... it's always the annoying part of a project that requires it

There's a MainThread with dict that references all Batchfile objects (one for each Flask session) but these objects are each in separate threads, and each Flask request is also its own thread. I'm using a threadsafe queue to give the user input back to the appropriate Batchfile thread from the request thread, but when checking the Batchfile output in request I use the dict in MainThread. Allegedly using a Python dict in this way is threadsafe via implementation detail... so maybe it saves work

Trying to turn a batch file into a webapp and it seems like it might work. I'll have one on when it's ready... hopefully tomorrow

basically this app is: I wanted to make a simple file manager for some reason and decided to focus it on symlinks because they weren't well managed by other file managers, but then I figured it made more sense to just use the "Open With" dialog from a real file manager, which made 90% of the program pointless :blobfrowningbig: It needs a rewrite lol. But it can be useful I guess... I mean I've used it

I realized the most code I've written with the most number of GitHub stars is this Symlink Editor app I wrote in 2017: Which is quite bad code because it was the first GUI app I ever made. It had deprecation warnings on Ubuntu 20.04 which would get caught by a bare except (ugh) so I fixed that and it now runs on 20.04 with python3-gi installed... but the code still needs a lot of work lol. Apparently the Open With dialog in Gnome doesn't allow you to select it as well 👎

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