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i wonder if you could build a breathing apparatus that uses vortices to separate aerosolized fluid droplets from airflow

enough that they would impact and maybe be absorbed by a disinfectant material

like breathing through an array of miniaturized dyson vacuums with lysol sponges lining their canisters

we could save hundreds every year if we started canning dried beans, but we're still pretty new to . so far we've only made shelf-stable jam 🥫 ...and I think you need a pressure-canner for beans 🤔

we have five types of rice now which is nowhere near enough!! 🍚

finally got around to organizing this shelf and somehow discovered 48 rolls of toilet paper we didn't know we had 🤷‍♀️ Most of the rice and all the spices are in a different pantry area

(this is something we've been doing since we got a new house and has nothing to do with the pandemic)

In I had a picnic including the groundskeeper's cooler because I thought there might be a secret or something 😁 Now maybe I'll go throw it in the water instead... What a cute, funny game 👍

my partner and I watch lots of gardening, meal prep, and food preservation videos. Our favourite channels have all been getting more popular recently due to the pandemic. hopefully these newcomers will keep making their own food in the future now that they've had an excuse to get started! 🙂🥔

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“Text is the universal interface” actually a statistical error. Unix Georg, who writes 1 billion characters to stdout per second, is an outlier and should not have been counted.

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Every time I see a mirror in a video game I have to drop everything and find out how well the reflections work
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Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide 

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Nobody survives the webcam era of local government with their dignity intact.

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just letting you know that the generation of kids aged 0-19 are going to be called the quaranteens

gay sour cream now available at your local grocer! 🌈

1. Woken up by cat
2. Cat demands food. Give food.
3. Open curtains
4. Notice the world is still on fire
5. Coffee ☕🙃

Metro and Loblaws are both paying their employees an extra $2 per hour, but only Metro is enacting big changes to the stores themselves. Apparently Metro is more concerned with having a good reputation...

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an anecdote about a waiting room 

me five years ago: Who needs fancy animations that just make the computer slower?

me now: How did I live without wobbly windows???

Why does no one ever specify the microwave wattage?? "High heat"? Now I have to look up what wattage is typical in your country. Why.

I wish Android would ask if an app can send notifications, like iOS does. I guess that design philosophy comes from the ad company because it's very anti-user

now's the time for Google to can Stadia and get slightly less bad press than they would've otherwise 😛

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