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If you normally buy music from Bandcamp like I do, then consider buying some music this Friday! Bandcamp is giving all money to the artists for sales made on March 20th.

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From Mozilla’s support forum:

Using the HTML Validator for Firefox, I have found that every page I open has errors, not just the ones I have designed; why?

Ah yes,

Good luck to everyone! It's hard times. I'm not going to post about covid-19 much because I like to stay positive (I have to). I'm just trying to remain calm and hope that I don't need to stop working. So far I'm okay. I'm lucky to be young and child-free, but really wish I'd actually changed jobs like I intended to by 2020 🙃 Maybe this pandemic will give me the motivation to improve myself, once it's blown over. Positive spin 😬 Anyway. I'm sending love to everyone out there struggling right now

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i've developed many secondary sex characteristics in my day and i can conclusively say it's a mixed bag

My instance is back online and shouldn't go offline again for a long time now that I've moved all the resources to object storage :kirby_happy:

To be fair I've never actually had a real problem maintaining my Mastodon instance, it's just annoying that I have to look up how to use Ruby developer tools every time ... And they're not very obvious compared to other languages. Or maybe that's just me. Mastodon has made me want to avoid Ruby forever 😛 I miss pip

I'm gonna try to move my instance's media to object storage today... this is the only newish writeup I've found about it: It looks thorough and simple but Mastodon is never as easy as it seems 🙄😬😛🤷‍♀️ I'll stop the Mastodon services in 15 minutes so wish me luck while you can 🤞 ...Bye! :tassmuffin:

Every company is sending me good-PR emails 🙄 Most of them don't even interact with the public significantly. Meanwhile Wal-Mart sends an email saying they're gonna tell their employees to clean better or something. OK.

I started using Google Photos for cat photos and I have 250+ photos within the past three months 😺 Been a while since I posted any on Mastodon!

I've used VirtualBox for years but yesterday decided to try virt-manager and I like it better! :)

instead of fixing my mastodon instance, how about a lovelace card displaying my disk space? (right next to the temperature gauge that keeps telling me the server's on fire? 🤔 )

other than the Emulated Roku part, it's really just combining a bunch of things into one place for convenience sake

(and I like the haptic feedback the mobile app makes when I press button widgets... :happy_jitter: )

My is an Emulated Roku integration that lets me control my Chromecast with an IR remote control (which has support for Roku), and a Lovelace interface with an increasingly large number of buttons to trigger commandline integrations :P and some extra tabs with iframes to other services

`pipx run catt volume 50`

my chromecast volume goes to 50%. I like it! 🤩

I'll add a Lovelace button to rewind my Chromecast by 30 seconds using

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saying urls like "cybre period space" instead of "cybre dot space"

Still gotta work on my Mastodon but first I gotta spreadsheet some finances and update this program from 16.04 to 20.04 and look for a new countertop so we can actually install our dishwasher in the house... Mastodon keeps sliding down the priority list unfortunately. Maybe on Wednesday 🤔

I had a much higher opinion of before I actually tried using it casually, because it had been years since I used Windows for anything but work 😅 Unsurprisingly my favourite part of Windows 10 is Ubuntu (). And the bizarrely inconsistent GUIs and updaters is nostalgic if nothing else :shh:

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