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Just learnt that has a bunch of test audio clips within /usr/share/sounds/alsa/. So now I have a holiday soundtrack

Good luck to everyone who has to deal with their family today! 🤞 I think I'll be spending the day alone with my fiancée because we're both sick 🤧

This "server" boots in text mode but it automatically starts Openbox if you log into the right tty. Which is useful for showing people stuff on the TV sometimes, plus it's just fun

I had bought a NUC to replace my home media server last year but sadly I might've broken it when I was tinkering, so I put it in the "fix later" drawer. Therefore I'm still using an old laptop as my home server after all this time, and it regularly runs at 45C to 55C because it's a laptop. Do you think there's much chance I'd break this too, if I try to remove its screen? 😛 Currently it's on a bread cooling rack with a screwdriver wedging the screen open 🔧😂

Pro-tip: don't bruise your coccyx then get a cold 😕 It hurts every time I cough

Home Assistant only supports the latest two versions of , and mine was running on the built-in Py3.6 from 18.04, so I made a Py3.8 virtual env to migrate my setup to. No difficulties 👍 is such an easy program to run and upgrade 😁

Google sent me an email to tell me that they outfitted a bunch of Ronald McDonald Houses with products.... 🤔 Weird attempt at PR

Booting from a USB external hard drive: Works great! Except when you jostle the cable... Don't do that 😐

My partner has been into fermenting sauerkraut and kimchi lately and it's been a very delicious time 😋... but our house stinks 😛 (Worth it!)

Does Secure Boot stop drivers from using my HDMI port? hmm. I wasn't going to bother disabling Secure Boot because Ubuntu works with it enabled, but I might as well try 🤔

Local hardware store is closing so we got a stand mixer for 70% off! For the last 8 years since I started baking, I've been using bread machines to mix my dough... NOT ANYMORE!! 🙂 (we also got a vacuum because carpet)

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I downloaded yesterday and I quite like it. Reminds me of Qt Creator 😗

I will be dual-booting Kubuntu 19.10 on this laptop assuming I don't fuck up the install 😉 I would continue using KDE Neon except I want the newer Ubuntu base

I've used Windows 10 for a few days now since I got a new laptop (and can't afford any preinstalled-Linux laptop). The window management is better than Win7 (mainly because it has workspaces) but otherwise it's terrible. I could elaborate but I think the fact that Windows Update can't be done through the Microsoft Store says it all... 🙄 Windows is made out of bandages 👎

reserved keywords in some languages have taught me to name things 'typ', 'id_', and 'cls' even when I don't have to 🤷‍♀️

Windows 10 installation uses the first five letters of your first name as the Windows username without asking... so if my Microsoft account actually had my real name then my username would've been Brian. How could fuck it up so bad? 😒

My instance was down for a bit because it ran out of storage again 😞 Thankfully much easier to fix now that I've reserved 11mb for running basic commands and the mass-deletion script

Access from a mobile phone and it bugs me to install their app, and after I refuse it gives me a stripped-down mobile version of the website with most information missing. In the footer of the page is a link to "View full site". All these superfluous steps just to get a normal web experience on mobile are so unnecessary 😔

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