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compiling because I wanted to move the close button to the left corner of the window... I figured out how to do it now :)

*holds breath while trying to use KDE Discover to update my system because I want to give it a fair shot now-and-then but I've had some bad experiences in the past* 

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cyclists should be allowed to shoot cars with a gun when they aggressively pass with less than a foot of room, that way when some dickhead in a Benz decides he needs to get to his foot spa appointment 0.5 seconds faster two lives will be put in danger instead of one

herbal fruit tea 🍋 

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"I spent all this time selecting a verb... but how will I make sure it doesn't get emphasized?" Moments later, the passive voice was invented

"I spent all this time writing a manual... but how will I convince people to read it?" Moments later, the readme was invented

thankfully compiling OpenRCT2 wasn't hard. On the left is the PPA binary, on the right is mine

only issue is jansson got removed from Ubuntu so I had to compile that too, but it was... simple :p

a browser extension that puts quotation marks around the word "simple" when it occurs in the same sentence as words like "compiling"

canada politics - 

openrct2 task has been running for 6h33m 😅 it's great when a game is so efficient on resources I can leave it running in the background all day without noticing any slowdown 😁

I'm about 25% complete Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair and so far I love it! :yooka:

I pre-ordered "Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair" because I enjoyed the first Yooka-Laylee game so much. This one is really fun too! I think I still prefer the 3D platformer but most people will probably like this one more (it's like Donkey Kong Country but with a Zelda-ish overworld)... Hopefully we still get a true sequel someday 🤞

I had 23000 items in the sidekiq queue after updating because my sidekiq had crashed for 11 hours or so, I think. It took a while to chew through those but everything seems back to normal now 😀

abortion protest + 

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