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Here's what I'd actually want to use:

- output data in a human readable form per default to stdout

- have a separate data channel ('stddata') that gets used to communicate data in a structured fashion

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i'm at a place with free wifi but you have to check in on facebook to use it

nice try, zuckerberg

(This also has the advantage that I can nest sessions inside each other and easily control each layer with a different command key)

I use Byobu because I like the styling and default indicators, but the only Byobu hotkey I remember is shift+f12 to disable the Byobu hotkeys. 😛 They conflict with half the CLI apps I use, so I use the standard tmux keys instead

kitty surgery 

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Sidekiq is suddenly using way less memory?? that's cool I guess ?_? I hope it stays this way because I dislike using 1.5gb all the time... now it's back to 1.

my partner posted this bitmoji and, after a decade using food with faces as my avatar, it's kinda terrifying because I identify with the watermelon 😣

we have a lot of file managers named Files but none named Manager 🤔

My phone's protective case broke a while ago, but the inner layer of the case is still intact so I've continued using it... A friend of mine noticed how ugly my phone was and bought me a new case. It's better-looking but slightly less protective, and the old case's inner layer can fit on top of it... so it's tempting to use both 😛 Still won't look as bad as my old laptop (covered in nail polish and stickers) which is being used in my living room as a server/eyesore 🤦‍♀️😂

I'm going to change the nameservers of my domain names in preparation to transfer one of them to a cheaper registrar. So you may not be able to access for a short time soon :tassmuffin:

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spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong with a program that seemed to be silently failing while logs + web ui reported 100% fine

eventually figured out I was launching it from the wrong directory and it'd created an entirely new file structure in there


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I had also heard of friendica and diaspora but I still know hardly anything about them to this day

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