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if you want to make games, modding is an amazing way to get started. making a complete project from the ground up is extremely daunting, modding has a much lower skill floor and many mod communities have decades of experience they can share

added a swipe gesture which goes back and forth through your current playlist. Thankfully it doesn't take long to restart a video if you accidentally swipe away while it's playing... but swiping by accident is now a problem for me in one more touchscreen app πŸ˜”

update for my shareholders: i somehow killed the people on both tracks

will the once-a-year cron job fire properly? let's find out!

One thing I'd love to see is hackers, NGOs, and small media orgs pooling their resources and doing edge caching for each other on their servers.

Most of the time most servers do not use all the bandwidth, so this could help handle peaks in traffic.

Two things would be needed on the tech side: 1. websites becoming more easy to cache (do you really need this bit of dynamic content there?), and 2. some way of doing TLS termination without giving out private keys.

only 90s kids remember when recaptcha was helping project gutenberg transcribe old books instead of feeding the google machine learning beast so they can make cars

Kirby's physical texture most closely resembles a

I use a fully-redundant content-addressing storage system*

*literally storing all assets inline, base64-encoded

@patience looking forward to the techno remixes of the dying police siren

Fav but no boost: This was good content, but I don’t know if I want to promote it. It may not be on brand for me, or it may be too vulgar.

Fav and boost: This was great content. I loved it and want more people to see it.

Boost, but no fav: this content was powerful but evil. I want other people to share in my suffering, but I also want you to know you’ve sinned.

vegan fast food + 

homemade beverage 


Don't share a URL that contains another URL inside of it... Nor a URL that unscrupulously masks the source, like AMP or Apple News. Just share the original URL... Please.... I'm begging you 😭

You know landlords contribute nothing to society when they can't even take a decent picture of their fucking apartments

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