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I haven’t changed my bio since v2.5.0 because for some reason I discarded my changes to the profile edit page (changes needed to increase the character limit). I just fixed it again by editing two files (one model and one view). Hopefully I don’t find a reason to discard my edits this time o.o

Microsoft changed their GitHub organization name to “microsoft” (lowercase M). Obviously this causes problems for anyone who was using a URL with this username in it, because many programs won’t follow the redirect. And their repo names still have lots of random capitalization🤭...

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Instead of making a homepage on this domain, my new idea is to just make a proper homepage available on an easier-to-remember domain name, and leave tassaron dot com as my personal crapzone 👍 Domain names are pretty cheap anyway

This Minecraft repo introduced me to the trap function built into bash. Cool. Looks like I’m finally getting into Yu-Gi-Oh

Well I didn’t make a timer because it’s not really needed, but yeah. My server now tries to update minecraft every time it turns on which is probably at least once a week 🤷‍♀️

I wrote a systemd unit for my Bedrock Server a while ago. Today I wanted to update the server version, which led me to discover that someone has made a perfect GitHub repo containing a very similar systemd unit to mine + it has an auto update mechanism triggered by a systemd timer. Very cool!

(Because I already did ½ the work and wanted to learn by doing, I spent an hour writing my own update script/timer/unit using this repo as a reference. 😅)

the sun’s out and there’s no snow on the ground so we’re all outside without jackets and starting to think it might finally be spring! 🤭it’s 9 degrees celsius🌞

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Here's an great retrospective video covering the last ~15 years of the #ubuntu desktop in 10 minutes. It's nostalgic to look back on those themes we used back in the day. #teamorange or #teambrown ? 😜 tweeted by @ubuntu

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"A lot of the walls here are just advice so we're gonna swim straight through them"

I'm watching a Subnautica speedrun...

Social media is a great source of vague information for people to memorize and repeat when someone mentions something tangentially connected to the topic of said vague information.

What’s the point of an algorithmic timeline if Twitter still can’t remind me about 4/20/69 early enough to get married on this day? 😪

8 years ago I made a webseries in which a nerd keeps misusing the word “finesse” to describe everything good. In the last month I’ve been hearing actual nerds doing this 😅 So I guess I had finesse ahead of my time!

I shut down the Java server because it’s mainly a single player world. But turns out there is a Bedrock server I can run on Ubuntu too, so I gave that a try and it works easily! Playing 2 players splitscreen on Xbox with a third player connected from a Windows 10 laptop :)

Got my old world updated to 1.13.2, running the server on one old laptop and client on another old laptop 😅 My world is full of red beds and non-waterlogged blocks cutting through water. That's oldworlditis I guess 🤷

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