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Thinking of moving my to a subdomain. Can I keep my handle at and still have a tiny homepage at As long as I don’t have anything else on this won’t confuse Mastodon somehow, right? (I ask because the doc says not to have both URLs functioning but I assume it only means URLs that resemble a Mastodon query...) When I decide to do this I will be septuple-checking everything and expecting problems 🤨... Although it sounds simple

news media bias 

my partner and I often make up nicknames for the shows we're watching if the name is long enough. The OA is the first case where Google Assistant named the show for us because it pronounces "OA" like a word. "The oh-uh"

People may have a wealth of information at their fingertips, but without research skills it just makes them more susceptible to finding the misinformation that reinforces their existing beliefs

On trans day of visibility I’m thankful to be privileged enough to feel safe making it known that I’m trans on social media :trans_flag:

*attempts to run a video through Handbrake to reduce its size*

*laptop fan causes laptop to lift off and flip into my face!*

My cat Rosie likes to sleep in my couch spot at night, so it’s always nice and warm when I wake up :p

religion - 

whats up i have a new project!!

📺 default filename tv 📺

is a youtube tv website that only cues videos that never had their filenames changed out of the camera

they've got a vibe and i love watching them, maybe you will too:

(also great for obliterating youtube's watch data profile on you)

Mastodon news, big announcement 

someone in this office has an alert noise that is Homer Simpson going WOOHOO and it scares the SHIT out of me every time

Good thing Mickey Mouse is in the public domain now!, wait.... damn... looks like I’m in the bad reality again 🤷‍♀️

being non-binary is when you custom-build gender from source

Ex-vegan YouTubers taught me that fish and eggs fix everything. Turns out it’s like the muggle version of 𝘳𝘦𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘰 :0

I have a diary in which most sentences start with the word “I”, just like my Mastodon :tassmuffin: (... and I, like b and t, is another single letter that represents “me”)

I use b and t for my own name, and I’ve been writing a lot of Qt apps so I keep using q for everything too. Hehe

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