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Dual monitors with ! It's been a few years since I used it but it was decent back then and I have high hopes that it has improved since :) ...Just gotta think of something to actually edit

I modified my old rnd-bg shell script to clean it up and add a --kde option (and I had to find and modify someone else's script to set the kde wallpaper using a different plugin than default).

So I was using Kubuntu on my laptop but I decided to try Neon because the desktop had a lot of little glitches and ugly things. The desktop is much better in Neon, however the higher Qt version makes many programs not work. Snaps do not respect the desktop theme, so I'm using Flatpak for my non-KDE Qt apps and it's working great so far πŸ‘

I've been using htop in a drop-down terminal as my system monitor for the past few years. But it's cool that KSysGuard can monitor remote systems... maybe I'll start using it. A tiny ksysguardd program must be installed on the remote system (it doesn't actually have to run as a daemon despite the name)

"i'm almost out of disk space, better upload pictures about it"

for whatever reason, the Windows install that came with this laptop has some busted touchpad driver that won't even let me disable tap-to-click. and it's touchy so I accidentally click everything. I wonder if that's the fault of the previous owner somehow

I have always disabled tap-to-click as one of the first things I do when installing an OS on a laptop... but for some reason in Kubuntu on this laptop it seems to actually work for me? I haven't accidentally clicked anything yet! It's quite a smooth experience. Combined with the long battery life, I think this is the best laptop I've ever owned (not a high bar to pass though)

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I made a user menu entry in Midnight Commander which opens text file(s) to edit on the other pane. And it focuses the other pane for me and sends a spacebar-press back to mc so it doesn't stay on the "press any key to continue" screen. Anything run in this pane other than the text editor will get clobbered when this action is done. Seamless and convenient n_n

my city made a by-law against people who feed stray cats, because apparently they think feeding stray cats is going to create more of them or something. we still have food and water on our front porch >:|

I usually only use Windows to test my programs for cross-platform-ness, but my girlfriend has been using Shockwave recently which is Windows only (and bad). So Ive been using putty for the first time ever

My home Ubuntu server can start LXDE and Firefox and load a webpage in the same time as my almost-equivalently-specced laptop running Windows 7 can just start Firefox... This laptop came with a weird broken Windows install where half the components don’t work. And half the memory is "hardware reserved". Thankfully it works well with Kubuntu and it's better for Windows than a virtual machine was but that’s still inconvenient. I don’t want to buy a Windows disc so I’m stuck with this πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

my cat squeezes herself in between the blinds and the window all morning while we sleep... but once it gets late enough she will start pushing the blinds open so the light wakes us up :D so cute!

I have updated from Mastodon 2.6.0 to 2.7.2 with no issues \o/

getting byobuception as I update and backup my from my laptop to my home server to my web server

I have migrated all the local server stuff back onto my original laptop so I now have a dedicated server machine and a dedicated fun machine. That took me a full day to do but probably worth it

"Jack in" is an indated term aimed at a sick wicked cool generation 😎😎😎

This UX design article suggests that the term "Log in" is significantly less obvious to users than "Sign in". Which sucks because I have always disliked "Sign in". It sounds like an outdated term aimed at an older generation. I don't know why I think that... but I always have

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