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I do wish KDE plasma had a dock widget built in but oh well. I'm not gonna risk installing one because my main priority is stability and simplicity of installation, and I really don't mind a taskbar that much. it's more quiet

I decided to give Kubuntu one last chance with all the fancy graphical effects disabled, and so far it's been working for 24 hours. Fingers crossed because I'd like to try KDE for a change. it does seem to work quite well even if it's a bit messy looking by default

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Honest "gender" selector (WIP):

Choose your ad type(s):
:checkbox: tampons
:checkbox: extreme body spray

yeah fuck it I'll just keep using openbox forever 🤷‍♀️

Standard Ubuntu was nicely useable and I would leave it, except the Gnome shell crashes randomly and makes everything unresponsive so I can't even restart it without rebooting the computer. -_- It works fine without gnome-shell but I'd rather not kill and rerun that constantly. So I'm gonna try Kubuntu next I guess. If that fails maybe I'll just return to using Openbox >_<

Delta changed their logo so it no longer looks like a Triforce!! This probably happened years ago but yeah WTF!!!!! betrayed

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Anyway, we're at least a million years away from the year of the Linux tablet

I got a Harmony remote on sale a while ago and it works with Roku but not Chromecast, so I have now set up locally to run an emulated Roku component and link its pause/play command to the pause/play command of my Chromecasts ^_^ and it was pretty easy to do!

my girlfriend painted the bathroom white, and sprayed our sink white, and replaced the towel rack, and is now spraypainting gold accents

I have the best girlfriend ever 🥰... and the brightest bathroom now too! 😃 "Why spend $100 for a router when you can get a $40 router and pay $60 for an electrical outlet that resets it when the wifi dies?" 😂

I'm using the new normal Ubuntu desktop and I mostly like it! Glad it still has those few sound effects I liked and a similar theme. (Except I hate those Gnome programs with controls hidden in the titlebar, like the one I used to take this screenshot, but oh well)

The “Add Hidden Network” screen on Xbox One inexplicably has no password field so I have to un-hide my network then re-hide it after connecting -_-

Why are hidden networks so badly supported everywhere?

Theory: I'll use Google Assistant to control my TV
Reality: I'll use Google Assistant to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius so I finally know what Americans are talking about when they mention temperature

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Might fuck around and ""go out to lunch"" so I can take a nap in a timmies or something

Years after getting my gf's iPhone 6, and totally used to pressing home to unlock, but I still find it harder to do than slide-to-unlock ever was. All because of that pointless fingerprint fad 🙄

In iOS 11+ the Auto-Brightness toggle has been moved to the Accessibility section of settings. So many of my favourite minor bits of customization are in that section now...

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🐸 Feels bad man 🐸
💋 Feels better woman💋

I visit Canadian Tire more and more every year. Adulthood 😭

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capitalism is super efficient because it means we hire 300 bullshit contractors to write the same critical infrastructure 6000 different ways in fucking garbage ass php or whatever instead of establishing an agency to write open source programs that local governments can share

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