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The real "boss battle," is called collective bargaining,

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There's a lotta gender graphs but I always liked this one

fucked up that they still offer sociology degrees after pictures of the joker saying we live in a society started existing

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It's Ada Lovelace Day!

Fun fact for those of you that don't know:
There is a programming language named after her. It's used mostly in life critical systems, because it is one of the safest languages to write code in. It's actually the language that I use at work.

Ada Lovelace:

Ada the programming language:

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I've never even used Google+ but all I've ever heard about it is circles

ok so now that Google+ is dead can other social services please hurry up and clone the one good idea they had in β€œcircles?”

why are peas and sweetcorn okay together but if i mix them with beans then suddenly im a monster??? u guys are very specific

If technology trends are any indicator, e-girls are just a fad and will be replaced by iGirls in 8-12 cycles.

@brianna Yep. This constant War On Scrollbars really bothers me - I rely on the scrollbar to give me the context of where I am on the page. Hiding the scrollbar, making it low-contrast, or adding extra page content as I scroll make it a horrible experience for me.

It should not be possible for a webpage to style my browser's scrollbar. at the very least, it should be easy to disable within the browser settings.

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