@schratze you can foster it more with the latest version but it's only available in the AUR

I installed Barrier to share the mouse, keyboard, and clipboard between two computers running Windows on one and KDE Neon on the other. How fun :kirby_happy: Good setup for web dev especially

Well, it seems the standalone Energy API isn't on Curseforge yet and the old, bigger Reborn Core library is on Curseforge and it contains the Energy API. But because they're moving most of Reborn Core into Tech Reborn, you can't mix the two currently. So I can't list my little dependency on Curseforge, I can only link a dependency that crashes with another mod or I can link a huge tech mod that isn't truly needed.

I went too bleeding edge 😹 Oh well! I'll keep an eye on the situation I guess

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And it's called Copper Lamp because it adds copper lamps which have nothing to do with anything else in the mod. They are lamps 🛋️

New version of my mod is finished. Uploaded jar file to GitHub and Curseforge. github.com/tassaron/copper-lam Make Copper On A Stick by crafting a copper ingot and a stick. This converts to a Copper Torch when struck by lightning and then it emits Tech Reborn energy into the block above. And there's a new Copper Capacitor block to accept this energy and kill mobs. This can transform villagers to witches (etc.) just like lightning would.

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Pro tip: Pin the gender you use most often to your taskbar or application menu

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instead of error codes we should have success codes that tell you how well the computation succeeded

In hell they have "move selected text when dragged" enabled and there's no palm rejection

Desktop environment opinion 

The Windows screenshot tool is called "Snipping Tool". It's better in Windows 11 than it was in Windows 10, which is weird because it was in the sidebar in Windows 10 and now it's hidden away in the start menu where no one will ever discover it. They should rename it to "Screenshot Taker" and advertise it as a new feature

Canonical: Linux apps cannot possibly look worse than this
Microsoft: hold my beer

WSLg on Windows 11

Dolphin and Kate running in isolation without icons, so they're pretty much useless and uglier than a snap package, but hey it works!!!!

To detect when lightning hits my block, I used a "Mixin" to inject some code before a certain method call. So it checks for my block at the same time it checks for all the vanilla blocks, and this was easier to do than I expected 🍲 github.com/tassaron/copper-lam

My Minecraft mod is now: you put copper on a stick, when lightning strikes it becomes a copper torch that charges a block above it which damages entities... I'm thinking it should also convert them like lightning would. Then it's like capturing a controllable lightning you could probably find a use for

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I thought interfaces couldn't have implementations but apparently they can if you use the `default` keyword. Only difference from abstract class is that you can't have state. There's probably a good reason for this...

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Trans women will literally spend weeks customizing their linux desktop instead of going to therapy

@trashheap It seems the primary goal of the FSF is to be RMS's friends whether it furthers their mission or not.

The living room volume pipeline:
YouTube app -> Chromecast -> TV -> Soundbar

Was it *really* necessary to give the YouTube app its own individual volume? No it wasn't. If Chromecast continues being this way then I'm planning to replace it with a Roku or something. It bewilders me how Google can't make their own services work with their own apps. The whole company is so poorly managed it is just ridiculous.

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