why do a status bar constantly reminding me that I've set an alarm? every OS with alarms does this and I *always* have an alarm set ⏰

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playing Bard's Tale (remastered version). I went to the tavern for some wine and the barkeep sent me to the cellar... which was full of evil magicians and monsters of course. Half my party died before we fled, and the local temple wanted 4k gold to revive them all, so instead I removed them from my party and replaced them with fresh recruits 😛 Hopefully they level up quickly? 📈

Why is Google Keep called "Keep notes" on Google Play? Google doesn't know the name of their own app? 😕

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People love how the vertical-folding phones look because it's a cool reference to outdated design... it's kind of retrofuturistic. But I highly doubt anyone is going to actually buy them because they serve no purpose other than being more fragile 🙄 (At least horizontally-folding gives you a tablet...)

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mechanical keyboards, and their counterparts, theoretical physics keyboard, which work frictionless and can ignore air because it's trivial

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medical gatekeeping, beard dysphoria (−, 1/2) 

now that I have a decent laptop I'm actually able to use the webapp without lag :blobcatcoffee:

(but it really should not be this resource-intensive... what the heck)

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Encryption is like vaccination: it's not about protecting you from a leak, it is about protecting our society from a dictatorship.

"Oops! An unexpected error occurred"
Not a great message because I usually expect this error

There's something really satisfying about the tree view in htop, especially when it's used on a headless server where you can see all the processes on one screen 😊

@monorail I gotta do this once I allow my home server to talk to the internet again... I keep putting it off but it's about time. I'm going to set up remote back-ups for Mastodon and link Google Assistant to my Home Assistant instance

I was disappointed to realize that my version of Windows 10 has WSL1 because the dang takes so long to be released :p But it's also a good thing because I can assess the differences later. Never thought I'd be looking forward to something coming soon in Windows... 😛

@realcaseyrollins@civiq.social Kubuntu 19.10

to maintain my ego I'll insist that the quality of my posts is a normal distribution centred on before you met me

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