GPUs were invented so we could have wobbly windows (this two year old video I posted is still relevant

Some social media services have obscure touch gestures, unlabelled icons, and other forms of bad UI that scare away people who won't put in the effort to "fit in". Originally this probably wasn't on purpose, but I think over time it's becoming a deliberate strategy

Flask now has a decorator for POST-only routes. Everyone borrowed the Flask API so now they're borrowing something back 😛

I've seen the #:~: in URLs lately! It exists!!

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Apparently very few URLs use :~: so we might get crying-face-delimited text selection via URLs soon

Loopdeloop Galaxy is a bunch of flowing water floating in a void which is creepy if you put yourself in Mario's shoes. The happy music doesn't help 🔪😨

Gnome 40 showing up in KDE Discover because I have both desktops installed for some reason :blobcatcoffee:

Smash Bros 

Snow melted from last year's garden and we found new sprouts of oregano and parsley growing beneath 🌱 I love plants. This year we have 4 grow racks in our 'plant nursery' (3 shown in the photo) and we've quadrupled our growing space. My partner is starting a farm and it's gonna be a great year 👍

The screenshot function officially moving to the volume key in Android 11 makes screenshots extraordinarily difficult to take. The button must be pressed with very precise timing to avoid opening the volume menu instead. It's really sad tbh. Something as easy to fix as screenshots should not be a killer flaw in your software🤦‍♀️

Just learned about /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid recently and it's pretty handy

I got reminded that Ubuntu Studio switched from Xfce to Plasma in their latest release. I've never tried that distro before, but I've always liked the idea. A dedicated Linux distro for audiovisual work with a name that invites newcomers (who've likely heard of Ubuntu if they've heard of any distro) could be a great thing! Their website seems friendly to me. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime

Ransomware, except they applied portrait mode to your data 🤫

Magnetic lasso + lens blur = portrait mode

Or at least that's what it looks like when you misuse it for every single photo 🤦‍♀️

@monorail My federated timeline is actually not super different from my Home feed, I guess since I'm a single user instance and I've muted so many words... It's a good read

Wasn't sure how to control my screen brightness from the terminal but I knew the graphical desktop could control my brightness, so I searched how to control it that way using the dbus interface. Has the side-benefit that you could trigger graphical effects when the brightness level changes from a Bash script (i.e., have an icon of a lightbulb pop up) Using this assigned to hotkeys until I can actually get my fn keys to work :P

Found this cool Plasma widget (plasmoid) which can run two different commands when toggling between on and off states, with configurable icon and option to run another command periodically I set it use Play/Pause icons and run `catt play` and `catt pause` to control my Chromecast

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i don't know how she can be comfortable in this position but she's purring happily #mastocats

I've updated my old Bash script that I used to shuffle wallpapers out of a directory, which also cropped and watermarked the images for me. Now it's just a utility for cropping, resizing, and watermarking wallpapers. Shuffling is removed so the code is a bit cleaner. Still a very useful script for me! It can still be used for its original shuffling purpose if you put it in a wrapper script that uses hsetroot or ksetwallpaper or something, and call it with cron

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