Windows 11 tells me I need to connect to the internet before pairing a new Bluetooth controller. What kind of Microsoft nonsense is that?

super minor complaint about Zelda BOTW 

I got the new Zelda game finally and I'm enjoying it so far... except why does it use Fahrenheit? :( They already had to add French stuff for Canada, and gosh knows the game costs enough.... Anyway, I really hope temperature isn't important because I don't know anything about Fahrenheit other than 60-70 is comfortable

@Dee there's an advert on the radio currently that's trying to communicate how cheap the service is by saying "oh, people are struggling nowadays with this, this, and this" and every time I hear it I think, "Why would I want to buy from you when your ad upsets me?"

My preferred way to update software: immediately when I start using it, before I begin working.

Microsoft's preferred way to update software: after I'm done working and I'm trying to turn the computer off.

And they wonder why people don't like Windows Update... It's because I have to manually trigger it and if I forget then they try to force the issue at the only time I'm not willing to do it. Totally brainless

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Screw you. If there's no actual technical reason you can't support my device, I don't want to hear your opinions on my device. #programming

Google changed the YouTube app so it hides the video length when you're connected to Chromecast. How on earth they think that's going to help anyone is beyond me...? I swear they're trying to kill their own product in recent years with these bizarre design choices. Maybe it's an experiment to see how long people will be too lazy to switch devices. Touché I guess

Is it done storming today so I can bike for an hour?? Yay! 🚴‍♀️

Steve/Alex's final smash is very "old school " which is probably for the best (it's recognizable), but maybe it would be cool if they blew a goat horn to summon a ravager to run across the stage... just because ravagers are cool, idk. It wouldn't be game-accurate or anything :P

38°C one week, 17°C the next week. This summer has the shittiest weather in recent memory 🌧️

I unintentionally started writing in my diary every day for the last week, and I really enjoy doing it again, so I guess it's intentional now.

Writing helps me process my thoughts and mark the passage of time, so maybe time won't slip away from me like it did for much of my 20s. Oh, and my 30th birthday starts 30 minutes from now.

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any #gamedev person that built a simple #GameBoyAdvance game here?
Is it free-software? can I read?

@nessotropheion I had four kittens once and one of them did this too :)

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in all things I am trying to channel the energy of the kitten I raised who would always scream whenever he pooped

Seems like the Windows equivalent to `lsblk` is a wild SQL query and all the device names are like \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1

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Retropie on a Pi 400 first attempt failed :p 

I tried Retropie for the first time yesterday, using my friend's Pi 400. The games worked but the HDMI audio didn't, which is something I've never gotten to work in Linux (because I always had an alternative). This time there was no alternative because the Pi 400 does not have any other audio output, but I didn't figure it out. It seems to 'just work' for most people, so quick research didn't bring much up. Could've been something special about the TV, too.

Instead I tried connecting wifi to see if there were any updates or anything, and I couldn't do that either (maybe because the wifi was tethering to a cell phone). It only detected the network once out of all my tries, and it didn't work then nor when I tried to manually enter the details. My last try was putting the wifi details in a text file, but Retropie said it couldn't find the file 🤷‍♀️

I was hoping I didn't have to do a bunch of research because it was just a random activity to do at my friend's, not something either of us care much about. But yeah, even though the games worked, lacking audio sucks too much. So maybe I'll figure it out next time I hang out with that friend and I have more patience.

Whyyyy is connecting a disk to WSL so difficult... I followed the instructions from Microsoft and it always says the device doesn't exist, even though it's visible from Powershell ?__?

Two glitches I've done on my current playthrough of Mario 64: 1) BLJ past the water level that has Bowser's ship, and 2) got "Blast Away the Wall" by clipping into the wall. I always wanted to jump on top of the castle, but I still can't pull that off :) It's very precise; you have to time a triple jump perfectly to land on some geometry at the level boundary and jump again from there...

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Mario 64 has bad music aside from maybe Jolly Roger Bay and Hazy Maze which are okay. With all the weird textures and bad music, it definitely has a different vibe from other Mario games.

I perceive uwu as a face but I also read it as "oo-woo" at the same time which seems oddly appropriate to me

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