Konsole is the only terminal app I've used that isn't affected by "byobu-enable" (the profile has to be manually configured), yet it's also the only terminal app I've used which has nice clean scrollback while using Byobu. On every other terminal I'm forced to use tmux's scrolling or else see copies of Byobu's statusbar will be littered through my scrollback. Weird

apparently Linux 5.4 added support for my laptop's battery and that's the kernel used by Ubuntu 20.04 so I chose the perfect time to return to Linux on this laptop

@sol inspiration to make a video game where the maximum number of a collectible is 257, and I'll be the only one laughing

I knew splitting up game and UI in this nonsensical disorganized way would be an issue. Never again 😂

Circular dependencies are legal in ES6 modules, but I wish they weren't. I'm starting to love some things about Javascript, but gosh I hate how it allows me to shoot myself in the foot 😅

Hmm. So my Jezzball webgame doesn't work in Safari, and I don't own a Mac so I had to buy some iPhone app for $10 in order to get a Javascript console. But it gave me no errors to work from. I tried some other non-Safari-compatible webgames that use ES6 modules and had a similar lack of errors. Sooo I'm trying to bundle my game into one file and see if that works, but I refactored it into modules sloppily in the first place so it's full of circular dependencies... really fun. Thanks Safari 😣

Windows Explorer has more control panel features baked into the ribbon than it has file management capabilities... lol. Also who decided to put the New Folder button inside the titlebar. I swear they did that as a joke and forgot to remove it after April 1st

(I tried Pop_OS because I heard it had Xbox controller support out of the box, which it indeed does. But it had serious issues with my laptop hardware so I didn't get far.)

Well, I had a good year trying out Windows 10 but everything outside WSL was really bad. I think I gave it a fair shot. Now I'm using KDE Neon again 😃 I used DD to make an image of the SSD and made a "recovery disc" as well so maaaaybe I'll be able to use that Windows install again someday? but I'm not counting on it 🤷‍♀️

I finally disabled Secure Boot so I could try Pop_OS, and this enabled me to boot up a Kubuntu 19.10 install I had from months ago. Gosh was it amazing to see KDE Plasma again after all this time... wobbly windows and consistent app theming ❤️

I see KDE's Kate in the Windows Store. If only Dolphin were there 📂

Is there seriously no way to make the Windows 10 file manager open in a specific folder...? Seems like they removed every way you could've done this before 🤦‍♀️ What kind of godawful OS requires you to install a third-party file manager just to access the user's main folder??

Started playing with my partner now that it has split-screen co-op. Just as fun as we thought it would be 😚

Wow! Never thought I would actually switch my username on GitHub. Now finally every relevant account I have online is called tassaron :kirby_happy: :kirby_happy: :kirby_happy: github.com/tassaron

@IceWolf Yes, having the ID means you are able to change your username and still have commits linked to your account.

GitHub's noreply email address (given to you if you choose to hide your email) changed in July 2017 to contain an ID which will identify you if you change your username. So if you want to use email privacy and your account is older than this feature, go toggle the option off and on to generate a new-style noreply address 📄

Hmm, I guess people complained that the promotional Sims 4 makeup pallette is low-effort because only the outside of the box is different. Seems appropriate because Sims itself is extremely low-effort. Gameplay in Sims 4 is practically identical to Sims 1 except the gameplay from Unleashed is in the base game (as it was in 2 and 3, so no credit for that).

The Sims team really wants to make a good game, I believe, but it's simply not possible under Electronic Arts. I can't wait for an indie Sims

Whoa. Cython generates an HTML page showing where pyobjects are still used. That's a really cool feature!

For the last hour Nightly has been crashing constantly as Android keeps trying to relaunch it (presumably because it's my default browser, which is technically probably a bad idea). Anyway, there was an update to fix it but I had to manually check for it. All good now

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