Stormy is getting older :) She's about 5 months old now and gets along well with our older cat 😸 Of course she causes some trouble because she's a but it's totally worth it to have this bundle of joy in our family ❤️❤️❤️

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Aloe vera for the sunburn... 60spf is not enough 😭 Next year we're bringing a beach umbrella to pride

was awesome! Here are some pictures of my partner and I, plus one photo of the whole group. Last year there were a lot of photos of us by other people so I'll probably be posting more soon! 😁🏳️‍🌈

Tomorrow's the pride parade in my city! We got a giant flag this year which my fiancée is holding in the photo 😄

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Rosie wasn't fond of little Stormy at first, but now she's warming up after a few days 🥰

I wish we could keep this sweetie because she has the funniest face 🤭🥰

Got my old world updated to 1.13.2, running the server on one old laptop and client on another old laptop 😅 My world is full of red beds and non-waterlogged blocks cutting through water. That's oldworlditis I guess 🤷

Stormy's growing up so fast! :') We've been taking a lot of photos and videos to remember her during this adorable stage of her life! ❤️

the kitten a stray cat brought us was so sick we had to give her injections to rehydrate her through the night, but she is pulling through now and we've heard her purr finally ❤️ we have medicine to give her once she is actually developed enough for it... right now she is still underdeveloped for her age

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