the kitten a stray cat brought us was so sick we had to give her injections to rehydrate her through the night, but she is pulling through now and we've heard her purr finally ❀️ we have medicine to give her once she is actually developed enough for it... right now she is still underdeveloped for her age

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Newly adopted stray with her single kitten. We'll find the kitten a good home when she's ready, and adopt the mom if she gets along with our other cat who we adopted under the same circumstances two years ago :)

Once again a stray cat has brought us her kittens... only one for now but she is pregnant still. We’re going to do the same we did with Rosie and adopt her after we find her kittens homes... we needed a second cat to keep Rosie company. Not as convenient as adopting one with shots already, but oh wellll. It’ll cost a little more but adopting strays is just too heart-warming to resist ❀️

I've seen this logo so many times in the last decade that I've forgotten how silly it looks :P

I'm working on a meal planner program I've been thinking of and discussing with my girlfriend for a while. You insert recipes into your database, tag them, use tags to outline a meal plan, and the program will fill in the specifics for each week and provide a grocery list. I'm making it for both of us to use, using PyQt for the interface because I fell in love with it after working on audio-visualizer. Really hope this program is useful... I hope to refine it until it is πŸ€”

Dual monitors with ! It's been a few years since I used it but it was decent back then and I have high hopes that it has improved since :) ...Just gotta think of something to actually edit

I modified my old rnd-bg shell script to clean it up and add a --kde option (and I had to find and modify someone else's script to set the kde wallpaper using a different plugin than default).

I've been using htop in a drop-down terminal as my system monitor for the past few years. But it's cool that KSysGuard can monitor remote systems... maybe I'll start using it. A tiny ksysguardd program must be installed on the remote system (it doesn't actually have to run as a daemon despite the name)

I made a user menu entry in Midnight Commander which opens text file(s) to edit on the other pane. And it focuses the other pane for me and sends a spacebar-press back to mc so it doesn't stay on the "press any key to continue" screen. Anything run in this pane other than the text editor will get clobbered when this action is done. Seamless and convenient n_n

getting byobuception as I update and backup my from my laptop to my home server to my web server

I decided to look inside a library I was trying to use for (what was supposed to be) a quick script, and... turns out the library has a typo in it. :P Autocomplete gotcha again!! ...I might make a pull request

graph of my living room brightness shows that I'm having a weird day πŸ‘‡

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