Garden/flowerbed photos at my house. It's all my roommate's work but she got me into gardening too so I'd like to have my own eventually. This is a tiny fraction of the plants, actually; most are not in the ground yet. She sells at the farmer's market

This selfie I took back in July 2013 is still pretty accurate honestly. I have barely changed appearance. But I should probably take a new one!

Light screenshot from Windows looked so bad. Updated to a dark screenshot from Linux βœ…

I installed this Plasma wallpaper plugin called "Shaders" and it's really cool! Just a ton of shaders with options to customize and (like any wallpaper) you can put different renders on multiple monitors 🀩

I glanced at this broken smoke alarm and wondered why a region was shinier than the rest. It's the WAX AREA clearly indicated by a square and big arrow :D

I added a reuseable "modal popup" scene to my engine with the option for 1 or 2 buttons. First thing I'm using it for is the back button in Pipe Puzzle, so you can't accidentally quit the game at any time :)

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Resizeable menu scene in Muffin Game Engine! It's flickery because the buttons are being destroyed and recreated when resized, but that's only because I didn't originally write this scene to be responsive. If I separate positioning from creation in the code then it'll be smoother looking.

Rapid resizing of the window isn't a high concern anyway. The goal is mobile responsiveness if someone rotates their device occasionally. I want my next game to be fullscreen so it feels less like a box inside a website.

Android 12 says "aeroplane" on this one button, nowhere else in the UI πŸ˜…

wh-what... they gave NoScript a dark mode and some bold-outline graphics. I hate to say it but this still looks dated >.> But it's an improvement I guess?

The propagule in a flower pot looks like a 🌱 emoji! I could definitely see myself using the door a lot too. (image credit: Wattles on YouTube)

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It's homemade bagel day! πŸ₯³ These are made with active dry yeast and all purpose flour, boiled in baking soda, and topped with sesame seeds.

I baked bread yesterday, and the broccoli microgreens are sprouting on my windowsill. I'll have to bake another loaf soon when the greens are ready for sandwich time. 🌱+🍞=πŸ₯³

when reading documentation, click the Java tab for comic relief

2022 year of the linux desktop now with audio πŸ“»

Here is some song I made in 2012 called "Dream Sequence". It's not really a song, but some electronic distorted warbling you can listen to in the background. The only "song" I ever made which I actually like a little bit

New version of my mod is finished. Uploaded jar file to GitHub and Curseforge. Make Copper On A Stick by crafting a copper ingot and a stick. This converts to a Copper Torch when struck by lightning and then it emits Tech Reborn energy into the block above. And there's a new Copper Capacitor block to accept this energy and kill mobs. This can transform villagers to witches (etc.) just like lightning would.

WSLg on Windows 11

Dolphin and Kate running in isolation without icons, so they're pretty much useless and uglier than a snap package, but hey it works!!!!

oh, I guess it's a good thing I put Block at the end of my class names or else the log file would complain at me. that's fun :P

It turns out oxidation is really easy to add, so I made the copper lamp oxidizable/waxable for consistency with other copper blocks. I made these textures by combining the redstone lamp and copper textures, and surprisingly I kinda like it

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