please tell me this option will cause Windows to update immediately instead of trying to surprise me at shutdown

Looks dark, but the crust on my bread is always softer than it looks 🌞

I've been making a loaf of bread every few days this month ☺️ I like to pre-slice the whole loaf and freeze it for optimal freshness and convenience

I've had this mechanical kitchen timer for many years and left it on a shelf as decoration. Never knew how to actually use it, but I decided to start using it as a tea-brewing timer.

To use the timer, you must wind it from 0 to 60, then wind backward to the time you want :) Then tolerate the persistent ticking noise! (I would not use this timer for anything over 5 minutes due to that noise)

Marill's resting face looks like it's already been defeated

I made a whole wheat loaf today that turned out perfect n__n 🍞

Comments on this StackExchange thread from elitist weirdos trying to twist the question to make the poster feel bad (screenshot is not the only example)

What is this graph trying to tell me? That my computer was at 75% battery when turned off for the last 24h? Why are the lines spaced so evenly...?

Forgot to mention I saw a ton of baby geese while biking 🥰 Baby geese!!! They look like ducklings, they're so much smaller than the parents.

I attached a frame from a bad video I took last week, showing the size difference. I love 'em 💙

Bug Fables RPG + 

I like this groovin' robot design

Generally the art is very good and I consider it a good game, it's just challenging if you don't play it regularly :)

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Garden/flowerbed photos at my house. It's all my roommate's work but she got me into gardening too so I'd like to have my own eventually. This is a tiny fraction of the plants, actually; most are not in the ground yet. She sells at the farmer's market

This selfie I took back in July 2013 is still pretty accurate honestly. I have barely changed appearance. But I should probably take a new one!

Light screenshot from Windows looked so bad. Updated to a dark screenshot from Linux ✅

I installed this Plasma wallpaper plugin called "Shaders" and it's really cool! Just a ton of shaders with options to customize and (like any wallpaper) you can put different renders on multiple monitors 🤩

I glanced at this broken smoke alarm and wondered why a region was shinier than the rest. It's the WAX AREA clearly indicated by a square and big arrow :D

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