Boosting @monorail and I notice our transparent avatars overlapping so beautifully~ I love using software that doesn't pointlessly prevent this from happening 😙

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TripAdvisor gender options. It's no "nonbinary" option or freeform text field... but at least it's better than "Other"?

She didn't want to stop being petted so she climbed on top in protest :blobcat:

Maybe you should've printed a sign that says "Open" instead...

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So windy that a tree branch fell on top of my gf's car! 😮 We are so lucky it wasn't a heavier branch!! (...and I wish I took a pic before she moved the car)

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I don't remember why I took this screenshot a year ago, but I'm guessing it was because that's a cute cookie icon :cookie:

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I added a multi-ball powerup to my Breakout game, which will double the balls on-screen every time you collect it. The game now works on mobile, too!

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something tells me this table is out-of-date

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