I thought of boosting this: mastodon.social/@ivanrancic/10 Then I looked at the person's other posts and found this: mastodon.social/@ivanrancic/10 This has to be the silliest hyperbole I've ever seen about dock placement, to the point where I'm confident it's a bad joke. A really weird joke, too

Screenshot of Wild Eights fun.tassaron.com/wild-eights/ The deck height decreases by 1 card for every 3 cards drawn. When the deck is empty, it reshuffles with cards from the "underpile" and those cards vanish and the deck height jumps upward. Eventually I'll make them animate across the table. It's rare for a game to require a reshuffle. I'm eventually going to add an option to change the design on the back of the cards

someone should remind Mozilla that "personalized" is a bad word for the majority of their audience 🥱 I'm trying to ignore their poor decisions so I'll forget this happened, ok

After having such fun making a game in five days, I made this one in three! It's Rodent's Revenge (like the classic Microsoft game) fun.tassaron.com/rodents-reven ...of course it's not very faithful to the original game and still has a few notable bugs, but it's not terrible for 3 days and no dependencies ⌛

I added these statistics to the Game Over screen. Super addictive little game for me... I never expected levels to get past 9, as you can see from the underline that cuts off under Level 12. (fixed that already)

I started making this car game on Monday. I might work on it more but it's already kinda fun for something programmed in four days. All the graphics are from OpenGameArt fun.tassaron.com/speed-limit/ Works with a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen

Windows 10 "file explorer" was so ridiculously bad, I looked for an alternative and never found one. The Windows 11 version (first image) doesn't look nearly as bad, but I'm skeptical of the functionality since Microsoft screwed the last one up so bad.

Someone I follow on GitHub starred an alternative Files app for Windows 11 (second image), and it looks more consistent with the design language of modern Windows.

It's pretty bizarre that Windows Terminal is one of the best Microsoft apps now.

"This APT has Super Cow Powers" wait what ... what does this mean

It was our first time selling at a farmer's market yesterday! It went well. My partner is in the photo because it's her farm, but I help out a bit 😛 Honestly, the lettuce we sold is the best I've ever had 😋 It takes a lot of water to grow so we got a bunch of sprinklers this year, and it made a big difference

Updated my Minecraft server to 1.17 and built this honeycomb farm along an empty part of the main road. I'll need the honeycombs to wax copper blocks eventually

Next to my flowerbed is some dandelions and ground ivy which are flowering right now, and the nice combination of purple and yellow reminds me of all the wildflowers in Pokémon games. I used to think those were exaggerated but since last year I gained a new appreciation of "weeds" and I notice all the time now 😊 There are beautiful flowers all over the place 🌞🌼

Gnome 40 showing up in KDE Discover because I have both desktops installed for some reason :blobcatcoffee:

Snow melted from last year's garden and we found new sprouts of oregano and parsley growing beneath 🌱 I love plants. This year we have 4 grow racks in our 'plant nursery' (3 shown in the photo) and we've quadrupled our growing space. My partner is starting a farm and it's gonna be a great year 👍

when I see marketing bullshit like this, I click NO out of pure spite. everyone is trying to get your data these days by offering a few bucks off... it's not worth it imo. Gather the data saying I'm a grumpy person who says no to everything you offer me

I knew splitting up game and UI in this nonsensical disorganized way would be an issue. Never again 😂

Spent the morning making an email queuing system so I don't send too many emails and get myself banned ... Probably going to improve on it a lot in the future. Currently crossing my fingers hoping this email arrives on Wednesday 🤞

Logged into the 15-year-old Urban Dead game after like 5 years of inactivity, and decided I wanted the userscript that adds graphics to the map. But that old script didn't work anymore, so I did a quick update to it. Now I have the graphics again github.com/tassaron2/urbandead 👍

wow, looks like Adblock Ultimate is out now and I still haven't played Adblock Melee

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