Finally got these 11 login-system tests to function in my new Flask app. Lots of weird gotchas but it was kind of fun actually!

Pickling is faster than raw packing tomatoes because you only have to water-bath the jars for 10 minutes instead of 45. Also there's less processing of the food involved. We started around 630pm last night and did 28 jars (11L) of pickles (8L cucumbers, 3L Hungarian hot wax peppers) which took until 3am to finish canning 😅

Still at it! Moved on to smaller jars ... still harvesting more tomatoes too. I don't think we'll have a day off canning for a while 😂

12 jars canned 🍅🥫✔️

but the tomatoes never end. soon we'll move on to sauce

A week's worth of tomatoes! (Not including 5 baskets of cherry tomatoes we've been snacking on all week)

It's time for a massive job 🥫🍅🥫

whole wheat flour really activates a lot quicker than my all-purpose did! it's almost time to bake bread 🍞 and transfer to a bigger jar 😯

got some wire racks to help the sprouts catch light from the windows. (also, to mount grow lights on later) The sprouts are loving it and the room looks more organized and clean this way 😊

This tiny shelf over the basement stairs is now the official station! 🚂 It currently has two jars of and some starter

So far we have sprouts for pok choy, broccoli raab, thyme, basil, velour bean, leek, lettuce, arugula, spinach, radish, catnip, snow pea, three kinds of kale, chives, nasturtium, swiss chard, cantaloupe, watermelon, and strawberries. We've been taking them outside for most of the day to harden them for planting 🌥️⌛

more sprouts. we're going to reuse all these plastic cups in the future until we have to replace them with compostable ones

my partner and I turned over the ground for our 12m×6m garden (40'×20'). still working on breaking up the roots but otherwise it seems like great soil full of worms! 🌱 we're currently sprouting 120+ plants to be planted here once the soil is ready

finally got around to organizing this shelf and somehow discovered 48 rolls of toilet paper we didn't know we had 🤷‍♀️ Most of the rice and all the spices are in a different pantry area

(this is something we've been doing since we got a new house and has nothing to do with the pandemic)

gay sour cream now available at your local grocer! 🌈

always covers her eyes like this when she's resting 😚

I started using Google Photos for cat photos and I have 250+ photos within the past three months 😺 Been a while since I posted any on Mastodon!

Local hardware store is closing so we got a stand mixer for 70% off! For the last 8 years since I started baking, I've been using bread machines to mix my dough... NOT ANYMORE!! 🙂 (we also got a vacuum because carpet)

I've made a pull request

This was a minimum-effort edit although it required touching a ton of files because each window has hard-coded widget placements. Worth it for my future convenience :P

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