finally got around to organizing this shelf and somehow discovered 48 rolls of toilet paper we didn't know we had 🤷‍♀️ Most of the rice and all the spices are in a different pantry area

(this is something we've been doing since we got a new house and has nothing to do with the pandemic)

gay sour cream now available at your local grocer! 🌈

always covers her eyes like this when she's resting 😚

I started using Google Photos for cat photos and I have 250+ photos within the past three months 😺 Been a while since I posted any on Mastodon!

Local hardware store is closing so we got a stand mixer for 70% off! For the last 8 years since I started baking, I've been using bread machines to mix my dough... NOT ANYMORE!! 🙂 (we also got a vacuum because carpet)

I've made a pull request

This was a minimum-effort edit although it required touching a ton of files because each window has hard-coded widget placements. Worth it for my future convenience :P

compiling because I wanted to move the close button to the left corner of the window... I figured out how to do it now :)

herbal fruit tea 🍋 

thankfully compiling OpenRCT2 wasn't hard. On the left is the PPA binary, on the right is mine

only issue is jansson got removed from Ubuntu so I had to compile that too, but it was... simple :p

My partner used a label maker and jars to organize our spices and herbs 🥳🌿

Almost have everything moved into the new place... just waiting to move that washing machine downstairs and move our kitties here tomorrow... then it will be home! ❤️ :blobcat:

food, meal prep 🌯 

The new vet we are going to is way better than the last one. More expensive but they actually treat our cats like family members and treat us with respect. got spayed and they gave us a fabric cone so it's not as irritating for her as the typical white plastic version. They also gave us NSAIDs for her pain which the old vet scoffed at us for requesting... She's now acting pretty normal after 4 days!

(Pasta was on sale too so we stocked up)

My babies and ! :blobcat: Stormy is growing up so fast! She's six months old now


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