trying to compile Okular just to say I can (and I'm trying to figure out what KDE app I could actually contribute to; probably not this one). For this task I'm using KDE Neon in a virtual machine and it seems to be working so far (it's on module 33 out of 79)

the VM fell asleep mid-job and now Plasma gives a black screen when logging in. Classic -.- Time to recreate the entire VM, disable power saving and start again at module 1 out of 79. Damn

I am now back where I started at 33 out of 79 :P

ran out of disk space. 25GB isn't enough? :[


got to module 78 out of 79 and it fails saying the version is ".." and links me to a website that asks me to make an account, and after I make an account, it then gives me an 0auth error. Sigh

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