Retropie on a Pi 400 first attempt failed :p 

I tried Retropie for the first time yesterday, using my friend's Pi 400. The games worked but the HDMI audio didn't, which is something I've never gotten to work in Linux (because I always had an alternative). This time there was no alternative because the Pi 400 does not have any other audio output, but I didn't figure it out. It seems to 'just work' for most people, so quick research didn't bring much up. Could've been something special about the TV, too.

Instead I tried connecting wifi to see if there were any updates or anything, and I couldn't do that either (maybe because the wifi was tethering to a cell phone). It only detected the network once out of all my tries, and it didn't work then nor when I tried to manually enter the details. My last try was putting the wifi details in a text file, but Retropie said it couldn't find the file 🤷‍♀️

I was hoping I didn't have to do a bunch of research because it was just a random activity to do at my friend's, not something either of us care much about. But yeah, even though the games worked, lacking audio sucks too much. So maybe I'll figure it out next time I hang out with that friend and I have more patience.

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