Decreasing the content of a can while keeping the price the same may result in short-term profits, but in the long term people will notice you compromised the flavour of your product and stop buying it. This happened with Heinz many years ago (2017?) and now it's happened to Busch beans. Seems consistent in my experience that the top brand for anything becomes bad within 10 years as the name becomes more important than the product, which is why I tend to distrust trusted brands. Usually once they're trusted, they become shit. There are some exceptions but it's rare.

Heinz beans are basically a can of tomato juice and mustard powder with a tablespoon of beans added. Busch still has a better sauce but it's really hard to justify paying $0.50 more when they're offering significantly less beans than the generic brands. This effectively makes them twice the price instead of $0.50 extra, ruining the value entirely

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