I was already pretty satisfied with Python tracebacks, but these improved tracebacks coming in 3.11 look awesome:

Instead of just saying the line where an exception occurred, it will also identify the column using arrows. Small thing but it should save some time while debugging. I didn't think it sounded too special before, but seeing the examples in that PEP makes me excited for it 👍

@brianna Cool !! Know any tentative dates for the official release for 3.11. Guess it is in beta nowadays?

@ezpy This is the release schedule. So the final release is slated for October 3

@ezpy I actually thought this was past beta already, heh. I don't usually look for final release dates for anything; I just trust I'll hear about it when it comes out :p I avoid anticipation, I guess

@brianna :D Yep valid points!! I was under the impression that 3.11 would maybe be a 2023 thing!

@brianna Neat! I've tried both stackprinter and rich.tracebacks - the ones rich gives you are fancier but maybe overkill; the output of stackprinter is less baroque but the API feels a little rougher.

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