Just got back from the bike ride. Seeing the dandelion-free lawns was making me sad, so I biked out of town and frolicked in the wild burdock fields (i.e., laid in the grass by some water for 5 minutes). I love wild plants, even the ones that make burrs :) 🌱 But I especially love dandelions 🌻 (in the same family as sunflowers, so that emoji works)

@brianna oh wow i didn't realize they were related to sunflowers that's awesome!

@brianna dandelions used to be my absolute favorite flower when i was a kid. i still like them! there's just so *many* flowers, i'm not sure whether or not they're my *very* favorite. i was always so sad when people would call them "weeds"! :-( but i'm glad to find someone else who likes them! :-)

@skaryzgik I also loved dandelions as a kid, but then I took them for granted for a long time, but I really gained a new appreciation for "weeds" a few years ago when I got curious about all the plants I was pulling from the garden. Now I love all "weeds" haha. Dandelions are beautiful. Edible too :)

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