The user experience of Bluetooth on Windows is so abysmal, it makes me wonder if anyone at Microsoft has actually tried using it, or they just assume it works because the business deployments don't complain :P


complaining about Bluetooth 

Bluetooth experience on Android, iPhone, Kubuntu:
- Click Bluetooth icon to select paired devices quickly without leaving your current app
- Common devices like headphones & controllers will connect automatically when it makes sense

Experience on Windows:
- Click Bluetooth icon to open a menu with a button that opens another window, with list of Bluetooth devices split it up into weird categories (some connected, some not).
- Common devices like headphones & controllers will connect when your laptop is supposedly asleep, causing random pairing/unpairing noises in the middle of the night if you forget to fully shutdown
- When you pair a new device, you are presented with 3 mislabelled options and have to guess which one works (click 'speaker' to connect an Xbox controller for example, but not every controller!)

complaining about Bluetooth first one is kinda fixed in next version of windows 11(maybe its already out idk), the rest is still true though

complaining about Bluetooth 

@jeder I don't have an update yet but I guess I'm looking forward to it now

complaining about Bluetooth that's what i get on current insider build and it's pretty nice, still you have to sometimes waste few minutes to connect but at least you don't have to wait for settings to load lol

complaining about Bluetooth one problem i have with it is that it doesn't show connected devices on top but oh well

complaining about Windows 

@brianna It seems to me Microsoft's been looking for the exit on creating and supporting operating systems since Vista and don't care about Windows anymore.

complaining about Bluetooth 

@brianna let's not forget the device connectivity is sometimes automatic and sometimes not. That might be a protocol or hardware thing though

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