I made a patch file to increase the character limit to 5000 like I did on my Mastodon instance:

@brianna what's the reasoning for having a small character limit? on twitter it just makes people put long posts in threads that are way harder to read. i assume it works the same with mastodon.

@toadmode It's some "design" idea to limit scope of the software, I'm guessing. Mastodon is only designed to do short messages which I believe are considered "Notes" to ActivityPub, but longer messages should be published as "Articles" and the devs don't want any expectation that Mastodon is for publishing articles or that long posts will have a good user experience. Or something like that. I don't actually know ActivityPub very well so I could be wrong.

It seems kinda pointless because the client still has to cut-off long messages from other compatible software anyway, but I dunno.

I definitely agree that splitting up long posts into threads is not a good thing, as people then are tempted to boost individual posts and the whole conversation gets fragmented and weird. 5000 seems a good limit for me. You could easily add an extra 0 to the patch, then publish a novella on Mastodon 😌

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