Spent a bit of time trying to get the PS1 version of Spiderman the 2001 video game by Neversoft to run in PCSX2. I guess it's a hard game to emulate for some reason. However, it turns out you can run the Windows version in Wine and it works easily 😃

Well, it worked until level 4 where I had to mash buttons to skip a cutscene in which Spider-Man dies... then at the end of level 10 I found out the level-ending cutscene also has a glitch in which Spider-Man dies. Saw in YouTube comments that this problems occurs because the framerate isn't locked, which makes logical sense? So I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to fix somehow. My Spidey adventure might be over at level 10


Apparently these apps called "MangoHud" and "Strangle" are supposed to be able to limit FPS, but I can't get either to work. Strangle wants some older version of a 32bit library so I'm gonna try it in a virtual machine

MangoHud works easily using 32-bit Debian 11. Running it with MANGOHUD_CONFIG=fps_limit=30,no_display

Now my only issues are 1) the mouse position is offset inside the VM (seems like it would be tricky to fix but the mouse is optional anyway), and 2) my USB-connected gamepad is not passed through to the VM (should be easy to fix, right?)

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