I streamed for an hour on Twitch this morning, building paths around the wheat fields heading to the 7 windmills that still need roofs built... I didn't talk much but yeah, I might as well stream in case something interesting happens. Gives me an excuse to talk to myself

I was using the built-in mic on my laptop with a noise gate, which works okay but turns out I was talking too quietly because it was early morning. So half my speech got cut by the gate. Every other microphone I have, other than a webcam, is not working properly out of the box on KDE Neon and I don't have the patience to learn about the snakepit called Linux audio -_- So until I do, I'll just talk louder.

This $50 Bluetooth headset sounds quite good on Windows even if it does require playing control-panel-games to get it working like a normal microphone (by default it's only used for phone calls). On KDE Plasma it's much easier to configure the audio devices but then the Bluetooth codec or whatever makes it sound like dogshit. Hopefully Linux media production will be easier someday. Reading a manual to get simple devices working is no fun :professor:

Well, this 14 minute test stream is actually watchable but I still haven't got the mic situation figured out. I will in time. For now this is good enough for me. I just want to practice speaking and maybe capture a few Minecraft memories for later.

Bluetooth codecs 

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