Firefox "Colourways" is available for a limited time, just like every other software theming fad. A few years ago we had dark mode, now we have choose-a-colour (Android 12, KDE, elementaryOS). Enjoy the fad while it lasts because software aesthetics will never stop changing.

(Btw, Windows Vista did it best)

if you want entertainment, check out this Mozilla spokesperson trying to pretend that the choose-a-colour theming fad is related to privacy and the open web 🤯 Wtf is wrong with this company...

[quote]we chose “Colorways” rather than “themes” to show we are branching out from our language of “browser” to speak the language of everyday life and everyday users. This is about more than just installing a new “theme,” which really doesn’t have much meaning to most people.[/quote]

thinks people don't know what a theme is. Mozilla has no idea what their target audience is anymore 🤨

@brianna I really like Firefox but language like “expressing their most authentic selves” about letting you pick a color scheme and asking who their web browser is for just seems so out of touch

@brianna This makes some sense, though, IMO. Colorway is how the rest of the world outside of tech would describe a set of colors on a product.

Not all Firefox users need to be technical.

I think that re-name is maybe kinda cool. I hope it gets more folks off chrome.

The idea of 'beyond browser' movement is a little concerning, though.

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