Apparently Linus Sebastian thinks hitting ctrl+S on a GitHub page should download the content inside the page instead of the HTML. I'm bewildered tbh. I can see the logic but... It's not shocking that it doesn't work that way? What

People say that file extensions are important on Windows vs other OSes, but you can easily change file extensions in Windows or open a wrong file extension with the right program... so I don't see how it's any different honestly. The type of a file is always determined by its contents even if the OS prioritizes the filename

Boosted because they just uploaded the video to YouTube where Linus says this.

I feel like the "Save this webpage" function of web browsers isn't very useful to 90% of websites anymore so maybe it should be... relabelled or something 🤔 "Save as HTML"? ... Doesn't help much. Idk

90% my experience with "Save this webpage" is hitting ctrl+s out of instinct while typing something, then closing the dialog that appears because I'm in a web browser and it's not the type of saving I meant to do

@brianna you cannot change the header of the file, which is usually the first 1024B of a file.

If you try to open a PNG that's really a JPG in the Debian image viewer, it will literally say, "not a PNG file".

When I was working on CryptPad, I asked the team to hook ctrl+s just because I kept hitting it out of instinct when I was working in a pad.

browser saving 

@brianna Depends on the page - anything where the graphics would want to be retained, absolutely, there you want some kind of "whole page save", be it some kind of browser-specific archive, or simply printing to a PDF. But there still seems enough utility in a plain HTML save as well.

That said, it's worth considering the question from "what would J Random Person want?" - I suspect the results might lean toward anything that results in the page /as seen/ being saved for easy viewing some other time, ideally in some way they can share.

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