After having such fun making a game in five days, I made this one in three! It's Rodent's Revenge (like the classic Microsoft game) ...of course it's not very faithful to the original game and still has a few notable bugs, but it's not terrible for 3 days and no dependencies ⌛

Just made it so you will proceed to the next level eventually even if you can't reach the cheese :P

The remaining bug that I know about (aside from the cats' pathfinding being subpar, but I kind of like it that way) is that you can push cats through a line of crates if they get sandwiched. Which is kind of like a cool feature as well, but looks weird so I should probably fix it

I fixed the 'crate sandwich' glitch and made it so you can push cheese, so it might be easier to retrieve from corners... I'm also using localstorage now to track your high score

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