Windows 10 "file explorer" was so ridiculously bad, I looked for an alternative and never found one. The Windows 11 version (first image) doesn't look nearly as bad, but I'm skeptical of the functionality since Microsoft screwed the last one up so bad.

Someone I follow on GitHub starred an alternative Files app for Windows 11 (second image), and it looks more consistent with the design language of modern Windows.

It's pretty bizarre that Windows Terminal is one of the best Microsoft apps now.


I used Windows 10 for about a year and my opinion is that it's better for programming than older versions of Windows (thanks to WSL and the new Terminal and VScode) but the experience for an average user is really, really bad. There are 3 different apps for changing sound settings, and the File Explorer looks like it wouldn't fit into *any* version of Windows let alone 10. Microsoft gave up. Hopefully Windows 11 is an attempt to fix this but... consistency in the proprietary world is impossiblešŸ¤”

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