Hmm. So my Jezzball webgame doesn't work in Safari, and I don't own a Mac so I had to buy some iPhone app for $10 in order to get a Javascript console. But it gave me no errors to work from. I tried some other non-Safari-compatible webgames that use ES6 modules and had a similar lack of errors. Sooo I'm trying to bundle my game into one file and see if that works, but I refactored it into modules sloppily in the first place so it's full of circular dependencies... really fun. Thanks Safari 😣

Circular dependencies are legal in ES6 modules, but I wish they weren't. I'm starting to love some things about Javascript, but gosh I hate how it allows me to shoot myself in the foot 😅

I knew splitting up game and UI in this nonsensical disorganized way would be an issue. Never again 😂

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