I finally disabled Secure Boot so I could try Pop_OS, and this enabled me to boot up a Kubuntu 19.10 install I had from months ago. Gosh was it amazing to see KDE Plasma again after all this time... wobbly windows and consistent app theming ❤️

Well, I had a good year trying out Windows 10 but everything outside WSL was really bad. I think I gave it a fair shot. Now I'm using KDE Neon again 😃 I used DD to make an image of the SSD and made a "recovery disc" as well so maaaaybe I'll be able to use that Windows install again someday? but I'm not counting on it 🤷‍♀️

(I tried Pop_OS because I heard it had Xbox controller support out of the box, which it indeed does. But it had serious issues with my laptop hardware so I didn't get far.)

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