I realized the most code I've written with the most number of GitHub stars is this Symlink Editor app I wrote in 2017: Which is quite bad code because it was the first GUI app I ever made. It had deprecation warnings on Ubuntu 20.04 which would get caught by a bare except (ugh) so I fixed that and it now runs on 20.04 with python3-gi installed... but the code still needs a lot of work lol. Apparently the Open With dialog in Gnome doesn't allow you to select it as well 👎

basically this app is: I wanted to make a simple file manager for some reason and decided to focus it on symlinks because they weren't well managed by other file managers, but then I figured it made more sense to just use the "Open With" dialog from a real file manager, which made 90% of the program pointless :blobfrowningbig: It needs a rewrite lol. But it can be useful I guess... I mean I've used it

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