finally got around to organizing this shelf and somehow discovered 48 rolls of toilet paper we didn't know we had 🤷‍♀️ Most of the rice and all the spices are in a different pantry area

(this is something we've been doing since we got a new house and has nothing to do with the pandemic)

we have five types of rice now which is nowhere near enough!! 🍚

we could save hundreds every year if we started canning dried beans, but we're still pretty new to . so far we've only made shelf-stable jam 🥫 ...and I think you need a pressure-canner for beans 🤔

my partner and I turned over the ground for our 12m×6m garden (40'×20'). still working on breaking up the roots but otherwise it seems like great soil full of worms! 🌱 we're currently sprouting 120+ plants to be planted here once the soil is ready

next year when we can afford the materials, we're planning to put 10 raised beds (2 rows of 5) on top of this year's garden area


more sprouts. we're going to reuse all these plastic cups in the future until we have to replace them with compostable ones

So far we have sprouts for pok choy, broccoli raab, thyme, basil, velour bean, leek, lettuce, arugula, spinach, radish, catnip, snow pea, three kinds of kale, chives, nasturtium, swiss chard, cantaloupe, watermelon, and strawberries. We've been taking them outside for most of the day to harden them for planting 🌥️⌛

got some wire racks to help the sprouts catch light from the windows. (also, to mount grow lights on later) The sprouts are loving it and the room looks more organized and clean this way 😊

We finally uploaded our first garden video! I'm the voice behind the camera ☺️ Video edited using . Our garden also has an Instagram

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