a browser extension that puts quotation marks around the word "simple" when it occurs in the same sentence as words like "compiling"


thankfully compiling OpenRCT2 wasn't hard. On the left is the PPA binary, on the right is mine

only issue is jansson got removed from Ubuntu so I had to compile that too, but it was... simple :p

compiling because I wanted to move the close button to the left corner of the window... I figured out how to do it now :)

I've made a pull request github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/p

This was a minimum-effort edit although it required touching a ton of files because each window has hard-coded widget placements. Worth it for my future convenience :P

Most Roller Coaster Tycoon scenarios are ridiculously easy if you download an amazing coaster design off the web and spam it in your park. I just got 2000 guests in an in-game year by placing 15 $2k Giga Coasters and running every ad 🎢

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