oh, the / partition on my laptop is full... that hasn't happened before since I partitioned this drive years ago. Apt autoremove gave me 3gb back... Maybe I should have more than 21gb for a / partition nowadays? πŸ˜• Could be the flatpaks making my few apps a bit larger? I think I'll just assign 32gb in the future πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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@brianna at least that's what mine always turn out to be. /var/log

@brianna If you have more space/second drive you can move partitions? Or maybe it's time to reformat with LVS (allows you to expand partitions and combine them later)

@mlubert Yeah. Most of my drives, including this one in my laptop, were partitioned by me years ago when I was afraid of LVS (because I was new to Linux and wanted to keep it simple after a bad first experience with the default Ubuntu install that used LVS). Now the drives are all a mess from years of neglect, basically πŸ˜… When I have free time next year I'll probably have to bite that bullet and do some mass reorganization 😣 (Probably using LVS and ext4 because that's the default on Ubuntu)

@brianna Yeah I remember years ago LVS would screw things up in some Ubuntu installers. The last few times I've done it I've typically made a boot partition, a swap partition, and a large single LVS volume. Many people will tell you not to make a monolith partition and to make separate /home, /var but that harkens back to a much older time where installing applications to separate partitions in Windows was also recommended in case Windows got corrupted (not a bad idea but not needed in Linux).

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