I'd heard about Mastodon and GNU Social quite a bit by the time I actually bothered checking out the fediverse in August 2018... I regret not looking into it sooner. I wrote it off as a "ghost town" but it turns out this ghost town is perfect for me because it's full of like-minded ghosts who care about free software and the evolution of social media πŸ˜πŸ‘ I love this place!

I had also heard of friendica and diaspora but I still know hardly anything about them to this day

@brianna Diaspora is pretty good too! While it has a interface inspured in FaceBook, it doesn't have the intrusive things of this. Also, some diaspora pods provide free XMPP service! So itmight be also nice for chatting (I haven't used it much since the only diaspora XMPP group I'm in is not very active)

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