When even after several years large portion of the general public still doesn't understand the benefits of #Chromebooks, #Google recruits #BillNye for their new ad campaign to talk about irrationalities involved...


#ChromeDevice #ChromeDevices #ChromeOS #statusQuoBias #sunkenCostFallacy


@ondra I like this ad and I like playing with the Chromebook displays at my local computer store... if I had a child or an elderly relative to take care of then I think Chromebook might be a good choice for them since they're generally cheap and foolproof 🙂

@brianna Agree. I gave them to whole my extended family and all the service calls suddenly stopped. :) Alas lot of people reviewing or recommending tech lack the empathy to recommend something suitable for the vast majority of people but not their personal power-usage. (Eg. YouTubers complaining about the lack of ability to edit professional videos on them. :) )

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