My has been using a bit more RAM than usual lately. The thing using most memory according to top is , which flickers between having 1 busy job and 0. I see there are a bunch of jobs that were retried 20-30 times each (some caused by a relay I think?)... Should I delete these? Is this even a problem? The Sidekiq dashboard is not very informative to someone who barely knows what it's doing 😅

I had followers from dead instances which my Sidekiq was continuously retrying to push my statuses to, and there's also a "development and testing" instance which is in the relay which I've suspended for giving weird errors repeatedly. My RAM usage is down significantly so I'm satisfied now. Some errors are probably inevitable with this many relays 🤷‍♀️


My is on a $10/month Digital Ocean VPS which has 2gb of RAM and 50gb of storage... It's one year old now and is using about 38gb. I try to have a lively federated timeline but I also do extreme pruning of remote media so I can probably get most of another year out of the remaining 12gb... My instance typically uses 1.2gb of RAM

@brianna and you can switch to DO Spaces for like $5/mo if/when you need more space. It works great!

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