I love the idea of computer-controlled lights but there's no product on the market that I would trust right now. Sad that the home automation industry could be so cool but wastes its potential trying to steal your private data like every other tech company 🙄 Not worth it. But the hackers in the Home Assistant community inspire me... maybe someday I'll have a :P

@brianna how about a "smart power plug"? There is some Chinese stores selling it for $5

You can use WiFi or RF to toggle it

@year_2038 yeah I've heard of people using cheap smart plugs with custom firmware and whatnot... Definitely something I'd like to do in the future

@brianna my place is well-wired, but i'm good without computer-controlled lights. i've made it this long without them. i'm partial to leaving on a(n LED) light when i'm gone so that i don't return home to pitch darkness.

@brianna Is X11 still a thing? I seem to recall it can run on a TI99 assuming the clock battery isn't popped

@BalooUriza TI99... like a texas instruments calculator? What does this have to do with controlling light bulbs?

@brianna Texas instruments computer. X10 devices are home automation for lights and shit, it's been around since the 70s.

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