I like the idea of having alternative types of window managers, but tiling seems pointless to me because regular floating window managers already allow you to tile things and remove the borders and you can even rotate the tiles using a script if you want. So someone should invent a window management paradigm that is actually different, even if it's useless :p

i'll retract my objection when someone makes a tiling window manager that I can tilt with the c-stick

@brianna lmk when I can perform a smash attack on my spreadsheets

Tiling is good because of a lack of features tbh.

I think the next big step in window managers is a vr interface that actually makes you want to use VR for day to day computing. Obviously this will be pretty exclusive due to the cost of equipment, but I don't think there is much reason to expect real monitors to always be the way we interact with our computer

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