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I have a love_hate relationship with underscores

Windows 10 installation uses the first five letters of your first name as the Windows username without asking... so if my Microsoft account actually had my real name then my username would've been Brian. How could fuck it up so bad? 😒

My instance was down for a bit because it ran out of storage again 😞 Thankfully much easier to fix now that I've reserved 11mb for running basic commands and the mass-deletion script

Access from a mobile phone and it bugs me to install their app, and after I refuse it gives me a stripped-down mobile version of the website with most information missing. In the footer of the page is a link to "View full site". All these superfluous steps just to get a normal web experience on mobile are so unnecessary 😔

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worry not, i came up with "DAFTMANGO" as a better replacement for "FAANG" to make sure disney, microsoft, twitter, and oracle don't get left out

Someone filed an issue against my first gui app which I had made using GTK. It would probably be faster to rewrite the entire app without GTK than it would be to fix normally >_>

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@coda Now I have a tabletop adventure idea for a dragon that has no interest in fighting the adventurers, but wants to hire them directly to just take all their excess hoard.

First ever session of D&D with friends went pretty well! I messed up some rules because I got confused by spells' saving throws vs attack rolls but it all worked out in the end ✔️ It was fun!

media quality, as measured by number of colons in the title

I thought because I made a for D&D, I should make a as well 😛 It's a Kobold Defying Evil named Konqi who is a healer Cleric spreading the message that kobolds can be Good:

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Computer boards exist in a matriarchy:

Some character sheets I've made as options for my first 5e games... I'm a newb so there are probably mistakes. I would appreciate any feedback 🙂

- Gnome Fighter Gnorma Catapult:
- Alternate Gnorma as a homebrew Gunslinger who invents the first firearms:
- Dual-wielding thief (Rogue) Flinta Barkley:
- Zina the Human Bard:

Both my have had to learn a few things: no jumping in the blue bin, no scratching couches, no walking on the kitchen counter... and no attacking the TV because they treat the Sims cursor like a laser pointer 😅😂 So cute

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very bad weather - 

A cursed Bag of Holding is a Bag of Rats: 🤩 I love it. Sadly I'm not doing encumbrance yet but I have to keep this mind for a more complex adventure :lawl:


The icon on my phone rebranded to swap blue for purple. So now Firefox is orange and purple... they must have realized that was onto something! Best colours ever :p

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Most Roller Coaster Tycoon scenarios are ridiculously easy if you download an amazing coaster design off the web and spam it in your park. I just got 2000 guests in an in-game year by placing 15 $2k Giga Coasters and running every ad 🎢

I've made a pull request

This was a minimum-effort edit although it required touching a ton of files because each window has hard-coded widget placements. Worth it for my future convenience :P

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