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I have a love_hate relationship with underscores

Updated my Minecraft server to 1.17 and built this honeycomb farm along an empty part of the main road. I'll need the honeycombs to wax copper blocks eventually

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C'mon bamdsintown, this isn't even an edge case, there are like a million bands with this format name

Hm. I've never heard much positive about from its paying customers, so opening it to free accounts seems like the opposite of what Google should do (if their priority was a high-quality product, anyway...)

I have no idea why the Extra Utilities Minecraft mod turned into a full tech mod with an incompatible power system...Change the name of this mod to something that makes sense 😑

Made my first ever "Large Biomes" world in Minecraft during some mod-testing... I got spawned at the bottom of an endless ocean, drowning

also it's pretty scary peeking around ye old files but also the history command remembers everything i ever did in the last 3 years ... so that's always fun. ye old commands

Peeking around ye olde Mastodon server files, I noticed a file called relic_of_the_past ... it's the script I used to run every time Mastodon crashed because I ran out of disk space 😂

they changed Minecraft so the new goats dont aggravate mobs who they attack. Which means goats are better at surviving than villagers (but who isn't?)

CLAs are unacceptable. Audacity is dead, plain and simple 😕

I was enjoying the Engineer's Decor mod, so I looked at the GitHub page for it. Then, in the user's other repos, I found this super interesting mod: You create custom redstone components. There are example programs to re-create existing redstone components using the assembly language in this mod 😦

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Bring back forum signatures so I can end all my posts properly.


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Minecraft mod idea: you start the game with dry scalp. A dandruff flake enters your inventory every 600 ticks so you have to make conditioner for your hair

Eventually I'm gonna actually use the microSD card I bought for this Pinephone but currently I'm seeing how far as I can make it last with the preloaded OS :P It's been improving since I got it!

Tried to install something from the "community" repo and it wanted me to uninstall python-dbus, so I noped out and switched Discover's default repo to Flathub :blink:

Minecraft: right click
Modded Minecraft: shift right click with an empty hand on a Tuesday unless it's raining

The Pinephone runs a lot smoother with a Bluetooth mouse. Must be using all its might to process taps :P Actually, with a keyboard and mouse connected it's almost as good as a small laptop. Almost

I made homemade pierogies for supper. First time ever and they turned out amazing ☺️ The dough is just water, flour, salt, and oil. Roll it out and cut shapes to place mashed potato, then fold the dough and fry it up. Now that I know how easy it is, I will make a double batch next time and freeze them! ❄️

System76 keyboard is finally open for preorders and looks just as cool as the hype! Costs >$300CAD so you definitely have to be a professional typist to justify that, but still cool

Nitrux (the Linux distro) has the newest KDE Plasma and some interesting differences from Neon. Could be worth a try?

I use Firefox Nightly on Android because it's the only one in Google Play with about:config enabled, which allows me to block image loading and save mobile data... I wish there were a proper toggle for this in the UI

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