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I have a love_hate relationship with underscores

ethical corpse disposal 

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Someone on the Internet is asking the question: "Can we trust Microsoft with Open Source?"

Betteridge Law of Headlines states the answer is "No".

When it comes to Microsoft, I believe a better answer would be: "HECK NO".

Here is the article with all the gory details:

I thought of boosting this: Then I looked at the person's other posts and found this: This has to be the silliest hyperbole I've ever seen about dock placement, to the point where I'm confident it's a bad joke. A really weird joke, too

I saw a delivery truck recently with a sticker on the back saying "Find us online!" with a charming Windows 95 cursor clicking a globe 😌

Habbo Hotel & racist trolls 

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clever mini-game about pop ups, and the deviousness of websites and apps

Screenshot of Wild Eights The deck height decreases by 1 card for every 3 cards drawn. When the deck is empty, it reshuffles with cards from the "underpile" and those cards vanish and the deck height jumps upward. Eventually I'll make them animate across the table. It's rare for a game to require a reshuffle. I'm eventually going to add an option to change the design on the back of the cards

Polling the server in Wild Eights now happens even if the window is not focused. And I fixed 2 other glitches. Hopefully it's good now ♣️

My fourth favourite ferment (after kimchi, sauerkraut, and sour pickles) is carrots! They stay firm while still absorbing a lot of flavour 😌

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btw, putting a WSGI app in a subdirectory when the root serves static files is a pain in the butt to figure out...

I put my Wild Eights game online. Share a room code with someone to play this virtual 2-player card game: (Click the ? in the bottom-right corner to see the rules of the game)

malicious software is malware; benevolent software is benware?

lmfao, Medium puts all the content of articles inside some obfuscated JavaScript now. Perfect example of why I use NoScript. I always hated Medium anyway

Logged into Plasma 5.23 this morning. Accent colours!! :sparkles_bi: And a new gear icon is on the boot splash. They also added a gear animation when launching apps in one of the recent updates, so it's a pretty gearful desktop now

Happy 25th birthday to ! 🎂

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A proposal, dear reader: Create a list of bookmarks linking to websites you find interesting, and publish it for the world to see. It's a bit strange, almost nobody seems to be doing this. Looking through a sample of personal websites, very few of them has links to other personal websites. A hyperlink isn't a marriage proposal. It is enough to find some redeeming quality in a website to link to it.

oh neat, Brawlhalla added a little magic-ice platform that appears if you do a ground attack in midair. and they added a new weapon :0

man, I just realized it's a slightly different bag than I buy, so I went and ripped the bag open but there's no mail inside. I hope whoever did this has a very, very bad life

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