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I have a love_hate relationship with underscores

My fiancée Carli and two friends went foraging for puffball mushrooms! They recorded video of their adventure and I edited it: Next year I'll definitely go myself!

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Pickling is faster than raw packing tomatoes because you only have to water-bath the jars for 10 minutes instead of 45. Also there's less processing of the food involved. We started around 630pm last night and did 28 jars (11L) of pickles (8L cucumbers, 3L Hungarian hot wax peppers) which took until 3am to finish canning 😅

Still at it! Moved on to smaller jars ... still harvesting more tomatoes too. I don't think we'll have a day off canning for a while 😂

Yesterday: spaghetti and mushrooms for breakfast
Today: carrot 🥕

This story came from the Minecraft server, where I chose Ubuntu because it's the officially supported Linux distro for Minecraft. I want to seriously try a non-Ubuntu Linux server soon but I'm waiting for the right project 🤞 (and still waiting for my 2012 laptop to die hehe)

Apparently a one-click install of Ubuntu on Digital Ocean sets the OS up with UTC timezone and an unlocked root account. The timezone is fine but I expected them to ask for a username since usually has root locked. So I would've saved more time doing a normal install, since I don't have an automated way to configure the OS after my "one click". If I did, then it would be faster. The target audience for this feature must be someone making a ton of servers at once?

12 jars canned 🍅🥫✔️

but the tomatoes never end. soon we'll move on to sauce

The next 5 jars are out of the pot; just waiting for that satisfying SNAP of the lid which means we succeeded. 12 so far! And we're probably down to less than 70 tomatoes 🤷‍♀️🍅

The livestream is almost finished now. It's on my account today

The tomato-canning livestream went for almost 6 hours as we got a slow start, but we did get 7 jars finished last night before running out of ice cubes 😅 We'll be back live to finish the rest of the tomatoes tonight!!

The tomato canning will be livestreamed on in the next 10 minutes! 🍅 Also, the total number of tomatoes is 192 ✔️

A week's worth of tomatoes! (Not including 5 baskets of cherry tomatoes we've been snacking on all week)

It's time for a massive job 🥫🍅🥫

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vowel reduction was invented by chaucer to sell more schwas

My girlfriend wanted to give Twitch a try and inspired me to do it too. Last night we played 2-player co-op Cook Serve Delicious on her account: and this morning we streamed harvesting in the garden:

I have my own account called tassaron (of course 😅). Tonight I'm planning to stream Minecraft where I'll build a redstone brewing system on my five-year-old friends-only Minecraft server 🙂

I started a Bedrock Minecraft server again, but this time using my old Java Minecraft world from 2014. So now I'm way more motivated to play, and all my friends are able to play with me again! Plus it's cool being able to log in from different devices. Java Edition is still better but it uses more resources too; this server is on a $5/month VPS and it's running smooth with 4 people playing 👍 ...$80CAD per year to play Minecraft could be considered high but maybe I can cheapen it someday 🤷‍♀️

We finally uploaded our first garden video! I'm the voice behind the camera ☺️ Video edited using . Our garden also has an Instagram

Finally I can use technology to answer the age-old multi-cat-haver question: "Who made this poop?"

Finally buying a Raspberry Pi 😮 ...Zero W model because it's for taking occasional webcam-photos of the cats' litter box. Unfortunately not replacing my broken-laptop media server just yet... 😅

This business practice is also making it so many They Might Be Giants songs can't be played in YouTube Music due to the fact they made 3 children's albums, even though they have 22+ adult albums 🤔

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