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I have a love_hate relationship with underscores

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Looks like Keybase has gone from "nice UI for PGP" to "vehicle for pushing cryptocurrency bullshit". Time to uninstall that app.

It's like 12C outside right now but I'm sitting in the breeze in a skirt because I want to enjoy the "nice" weather before it gets exponentially worse 😣

re: personal trans label + 

personal trans label + is bad 

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stray cat - 

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Someone made a version of ‘Civilization’ that runs in Microsoft Excel

Do you pine for the classic strategy games of the past? For a time when gameplay was more important than graphics? Are you looking to reproduce the Amiga experience at work, where your company blocks access to everything except Microsoft Office? Then we have good news for you: An enterprising soul has created a version of Civilization which runs in Microsoft Excel.

oh, the / partition on my laptop is full... that hasn't happened before since I partitioned this drive years ago. Apt autoremove gave me 3gb back... Maybe I should have more than 21gb for a / partition nowadays? 😕 Could be the flatpaks making my few apps a bit larger? I think I'll just assign 32gb in the future 🤷‍♀️

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send me your best desktop wallpaper
preferably something that you'd expect to see as someone's wallpaper at a 90s office

@mastohost Does have rules aside from the technical and legal? Your site's TOS does not have any kind of social rules

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Doing my thesis on “Explaining things with fewer words” so I only have to write half of the required words :meowthinksmart:.

if mario is so important to nintendo then why did they make him a clone of luigi?

nintendo: mario is our mascot
also nintendo: smash bros is about our mascots fighting
smash bros: has baby pikachu but no baby mario ???
conclusion: pikachu is mario

the ability to block autoplaying media in my web browser is fantastic! Autoplaying media was such an annoyance on the web for so long, but I've had it disabled for the past year and forgot about it. It's amazing how quickly I took that option for granted

one of my friends with an outdated phone couldn't see the text-shadow on my website. A small footnote on told me I needed to set the blur-radius to something other than 0 to have it show up on old versions of Android. Bleh

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