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I have a love_hate relationship with underscores

Oh, welcome! Let me pour you some tea. My access logs and I were just discussing the latest PHP-adjacent vulnerabilities ☕

My fiancee and I did our first small game using my new website, and it kind of worked! It's definitely far from perfect but compared to a lot of D&D sites on the web I don't think it's too bad. Here's a screenshot of the campaign overview page showing an active scene with the initiative tracker and cards for all the NPCs and PCs

My D&D app now tracks a character's AC according to their stats and equipment (not including special class features yet). It also has HP support now (with max HP increasing/decreasing as you level up/down). I've added 6 more face expressions, and 3 hair options. Now time to work more on NPCs

In Gnome if you drag a modal window, it shrinks the main window to the size of the modal and drags it along. Such an annoying glitch behaviour... I keep doing it by accident when I want to peek at the underlying window, and half the time the application ends up crashing when I try to re-maximize it :/ Other than this, I'm starting to like Gnome more

vscode's visual debugger has made me a lot more productive. starting to write tests is definitely helping too ⌨️

Today I made a skeleton for the D&D campaigns. Not a 💀 kind of skeleton, but... I mean an outline. The main things missing now are the actual NPCs and an initiative tracker (and eventually a better user interface)

Hey look, it's the pinnacle of my vector art 👩‍🎨 If you've ever wanted your D&D character to have a square head and noodles for arms, this is the app for you!

I think at some point "dunder method" became the official name and no one says "magic method" anymore ... 😅

I forgot Minecraft is adding powdered snow and frost damage as well. Say no to winter 🚫 ❄️ 🚫

2 video games companies are releasing snow-themed games right before winter. this is the opposite of what I want. I want to play mario sunshine

"I'm gonna buy a bunch of flash drives and label them so I don't have to keep overwriting the same one"
*few weeks later*
Most of my flash drives are labelled "Ubuntu 20.04" and only one actually is🤦‍♀️

I just started making websites again recently. A decade ago I wrote pure CSS and it took me forever, and now I'm using Bootstrap which is okay but I'm not in love with it. Is CSS Grid good nowadays? It was just being invented ten years ago but it sounded interesting

Character edit form now has a variable number of dropdown menus for selecting spells, and you can strikeout class features (often they are toggleable things).

It's a really ugly form but the functionality is coming together I think! :P

Android 10 Stock: taking a screenshot of the power menu isn't possible
Android 11 Stock: taking a screenshot of the power menu, app switcher, OR lock screen isn't possible... Unless you hold down some obscure buttons in a specific order for a specific amount of time

Screenshots are hardly an uncommon feature. It's like Google is *trying* to fail 🤦

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the "file formats wiki", which explains file formats, used to be hosted on wikia. but then wikia rebranded itself to "fandom", so it's now the official wiki of the file formats fandom

I spent *hours* trying to get all data from the fields in a WTForm. Simple log messages that should've always occurred were somehow not getting triggered.

Turns out if you `continue` while iterating on fields in a WTForm, it essentially does `break`.

I have no idea why or how but I'm glad it was something stupid in the library and not myself :blobfrowningbig: I guess they call it WTForms because it makes you say WTF. I'm not impressed tbh

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taking the cis out of christmas and making it hrtmas, to celebrate the transition of years

Eventually I want to extract all my posts from Mastodon and host them in a new, leaner ActivityPub blog. Something more designed for a

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