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Beautiful sky for a moment while I'm bussing to work 😍

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I have a love_hate relationship with underscores

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I have a migraine coming in and you can’t get codeine without a prescription anymore so my only option is much stronger pain meds. Well done public health nerds.

u can tell it's a lesbian household because the outlet is charging a vibrator and a drill.

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the github repo for seems to indicate that they don't know how to program, since it has "test commits" >_> So hopefully nothing happens with them, but I suspended their instance anyway

So there's another, uh, rouge(?) instance making the rounds - No mention of Mastodon unless you follow the "opensource" link at the bottom and click through to their Masto fork, which claims to be "just doing things a little different". 2€/mo to "optionally disable" the need to watch 60 seconds of ads every 24 hours. Data collection can be disabled for paid accounts. Since there's no mention of what that collection means for accounts on other instances, I'd suggest suspending.

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what's the opposite of πŸ’¦ so i can describe the weather? it snowed today ❄️

good thing my computer desktop navigation is on the top/left because my monitor is breaking from the bottom

NASA has made all of its media library publicly available/copyright free! I'm hoping there's enough stuff here for me to make a real crap sci fi film

βœ… woke up later than 6am for once. gonna be a well-rested day πŸ”œ

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