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All error messages should end with a question mark or an exclamation point, because the computer is either confused or angry

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I have a love_hate relationship with underscores

Zelda II 

I beat Palace 6 and died on the way to the Great Palace. Lava pits with flying enemies everywhere, oh my o_o

Thankfully I can waste all my lives in this area since it starts in the Great Palace afterwards. 20 game overs so far and no savestates :)

I started playing Zelda II with the intention of using an infinite lives cheat, but it ended up being more playable than I expected. That's because I'm closely following a walkthrough and looking up the best ways to fight enemies; it would definitely be a lot more tedious if you had to figure everything out through trial and error.

With some small changes, this game could have aged a lot better :P It's very close to being a good game and it's a shame that the few flaws drag it down so much. It's fun to play now that I understand it, and the music is awesome.

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I've now beaten the first five palaces in Zelda II and maxed out my levels. Now I have to travel southeast and deal with the infamous enemies who toss rocks from above at weird angles. So far, 18 game overs

Bumped all these npm dependencies and it changed json-parse-better-errors to json-parse-even-better-errors hehe 😛

Now I know the reason I never leveled up is probably because some enemies drain XP if they touch Link, which I never noticed. What a bad idea for a game mechanic. If they didn't have that, I might have leveled up by accident and figured it out a long time ago

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One of my first ever video games was Zelda II on my dad's NES, but I couldn't read back then and didn't figure out how to level up. So it's no wonder I couldn't beat the first palace, but I remember getting the candle and spending a lot of time in Rauru listening to the music.

I watched a strategy guide on YouTube and I'm now playing the game... It's very hard anytime you encounter a new enemy, and walking back from the beginning of the game every time you die is super tedious. But with some XP-grinding and practice, I've now managed to beat the second palace AND collect the hammer from Death Mountain 😀

Childhood dream accomplished: I can smash boulders in Zelda II 🪨🔨

Google killed the service everyone said they would kill before they launched it??? What a surprise 🤯

Mario Odyssey 

Wow these Toadette achievements are awful. I just collected 20 in a row and it is tedious and unsatisfying compared to an actual achievements system which would have been unobtrusive. Otherwise the game has been pretty fun, I have about 300 moons so far

*turns off Windows laptop* *stress level decreases* huh

please tell me this option will cause Windows to update immediately instead of trying to surprise me at shutdown

So that was a fun excuse to reinstall my OS and organize my files. Now I'm compiling OpenRCT2

Still can't build libkexiv2, but I can build Dolphin because it doesn't need that :kirby_happy:

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turns out the 3 flash drives I lost were in my pen holding thing at the bottom cleverly hidden behind an eraser of similar colour

Seems this laptop has barely anything that isn't backed up elsewhere, so I'm ready for a clean slate :P Back to KDE Neon again!

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I'm frustrated now so I'm going to give up for a few hours and then restart and focus on housecleaning one of my laptops so it has NOTHING other than development stuff on it. Then if I still have problems, I'll ask someone for help I guess

got to module 78 out of 79 and it fails saying the version is ".." and links me to a website that asks me to make an account, and after I make an account, it then gives me an 0auth error. Sigh

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I am now back where I started at 33 out of 79 :P

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the VM fell asleep mid-job and now Plasma gives a black screen when logging in. Classic -.- Time to recreate the entire VM, disable power saving and start again at module 1 out of 79. Damn

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trying to compile Okular just to say I can (and I'm trying to figure out what KDE app I could actually contribute to; probably not this one). For this task I'm using KDE Neon in a virtual machine and it seems to be working so far (it's on module 33 out of 79)

I have plans with my family today so I baked them a loaf of bread 🍞 It's just cooling now and then I'll slice it up. I love bread ☺️

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