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train your voice so you always sound like you're experiencing voip latency

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I have a love_hate relationship with underscores

There are straights at this bar audibly smoochin in public & I'm viscerally disgusted

I don't care what they do in the privacy of their own bedroom but do they have to shove it down our throats?

I support reforming English to replace moisturized with moisted

i think one of the reasons i really love cats is how frequently they do this very human thing of making a foolish decision but then proudly sticking with it no matter what

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lb: I use Lubuntu but I definitely don't use the default icons because they look like /that/

Trash or calculator? Uniform shaped icons are trash, I know that much
:promoted: Promoted by oldschool tried and tested icon accessibility reccomendations gang

doesn’t look like there will be any good local deals for the Nintendo Switch. pls capitalism, I just want to pet an eevee. smash a bros. perhaps even breathe a wild.

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mastodon proves that "not furry, but furry adjacent" is a distinct identity

@benaiah i have to change my text message notification sound every few years because I eventually start to hallucinate hearing it. such a strange thing

as bad as computers are
it's very comfy to have their cables running along your walls, be surrounded by them as they provide services you configured, and falling asleep to their hum

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my brain has a cronjob that periodically checks for sadness, and if any is found then it plays a happy song

This is a blog, but it has many well-researched pages about historical trans people and community, including photos exclusive to the site:

there's also an interesting "Newsbank" page of historical trans-related newspaper clippings:

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