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train your voice so you always sound like you're experiencing voip latency

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I have a love_hate relationship with underscores

"A lot of the walls here are just advice so we're gonna swim straight through them"

I'm watching a Subnautica speedrun...

Social media is a great source of vague information for people to memorize and repeat when someone mentions something tangentially connected to the topic of said vague information.

What’s the point of an algorithmic timeline if Twitter still can’t remind me about 4/20/69 early enough to get married on this day? 😪

8 years ago I made a webseries in which a nerd keeps misusing the word “finesse” to describe everything good. In the last month I’ve been hearing actual nerds doing this 😅 So I guess I had finesse ahead of my time!

I shut down the Java server because it’s mainly a single player world. But turns out there is a Bedrock server I can run on Ubuntu too, so I gave that a try and it works easily! Playing 2 players splitscreen on Xbox with a third player connected from a Windows 10 laptop :)

Got my old world updated to 1.13.2, running the server on one old laptop and client on another old laptop 😅 My world is full of red beds and non-waterlogged blocks cutting through water. That's oldworlditis I guess 🤷

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[inventor of the fitted sheet voice] oh i am a naughty little boy. i'm so Proud of my horrible little chore

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Graveyard Keeper mocks a communist donkey and portrays your main character and the people he assists as intense capitalists — but the game is criminally unfun after a few days because it turns into pure neverending work and a futile existence :P I don’t think this was intentional but it’s a funny coincidence

@brianna "We support the gay community precisely between 9-11.00pm."

It looks like the laundry will not dry if it is raining :blobfacepalm:

there is a secret society of briannas whom rule the least-wanted parts of the galaxy 🌝 🤫

Local shitty bar had a “gay comedy night” with gay comedians on-stage, which was confusing to me because the regulars there are not gay-friendly. To clear up any confusion, they removed their pride flag immediately after the event 😑

fun fact: when you speed up the GameCube menu 16x it plays the Famicom Startup theme.

I used to have a podcast but I stopped doing it because I had started to voice train, and I'm seriously considering restarting it with my new voice and giving no explanation.

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