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I have a love_hate relationship with underscores

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Catholic schools 

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This also applies to YouTube. Good luck searching for "water ferns" because your results will be "watering land ferns". It must be designed for someone that doesn't know how to use a search engine and just tries to guess what you meant. Yes this happens even if you use quotes or the plus symbol. Google's tech is no longer good

People always say DuckDuckGo is worse than Google but I have the opposite experience completely. Google is only good when it's something local, or something very very well-known. Anything obscure or technical is MUCH easier to find with DDG. For example, I just searched for a Star Trek landline phone from the 90s that I remember from childhood. Google gives random facts about Star Trek. DDG's top result is an eBay listing selling the exact phone. Google ignores keywords waaaay too much

Disliking April Fools' Day seems popular nowadays. It's my favourite holiday 😅 I'm sad it's dying

imo most people who do build tutorials for Minecraft are either using too many buttons and trapdoors, or they just use too many blocks in general. Sometimes a flat stone wall actually looks best

I'm really glad Valve chose KDE Plasma for the Steam Deck and I hope it's successful because of that fact alone 😛

I use Byobu for the statusbar and how simple it is to setup on a new Ubuntu server, but I prefer using the tmux keybindings because I don't want to depend on Byobu, plus the f-keys conflict with htop and mc, plus I use ctrl-b to control the main session and ctrl-a to control the ssh session

Byobu has a disconnect between the simplicity of what it does and the complexity of the configuration. All it really needs is 1 or 2 scripts but for some reason it has an entire hierarchy of folders referencing each other, and *two* dot-folders. One hasn't been accessed since I installed Byobu, so I deleted it. Not a huge deal but I really wish it had the option to disable the f-keys by default from byobu-config rather than my having to decipher this web of scripts every time :P

Haven't logged into Instagram for a few years, so they sent me an email saying, "Sorry to hear you're having trouble logging into Instagram." Oh yeah, it's been real tough logging in these last few years. Thanks for the concern 🥺 LOL

They finally added mouse capture to Minecraft on Android so you can play it properly with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse :D Very nice

I usually accept all follow requests that seem like real people, so it's not hard to follow me. There's nothing private to see anyway. I only have my account locked so I can reject the nonsense that floods the fediverse constantly... like people who follow just so they can federate their friends with me and try to troll me later. Like if you're gonna try to troll, try a bit harder please 🤗

Baby sims, which are objects
Toddler sims, which are like pets
Child sims, which are like boring adults
Teen sims, which are adults who don't woohoo
Young adult sims, which are sims
Adult sims, which are also sims
Elderly sims, which are sims but tired

1.17 changelog:
- added Squid's younger squidling, Squid With Outline

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Expectation: I can play Minecraft with friends across different platforms

Reality: I will have to write code to fix the game periodically because it's so glitchy (read the backstory)

It was our first time selling at a farmer's market yesterday! It went well. My partner is in the photo because it's her farm, but I help out a bit 😛 Honestly, the lettuce we sold is the best I've ever had 😋 It takes a lot of water to grow so we got a bunch of sprinklers this year, and it made a big difference

Vscode is now trained on GitHub data so if you commit bad code it will uninstall itself

Updated my Minecraft server to 1.17 and built this honeycomb farm along an empty part of the main road. I'll need the honeycombs to wax copper blocks eventually

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